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  • Types Of Great Dane

    Despite popular belief, you will not find any other type of Great Dane but the one that has been described as per the standards of the American Kennel Club. These dogs have a very long history, of more than 400 hundred years and have evolved along the way from purely hunting dogs to totally domesticated oversized puppies.

    The Difference Between Great Danes

    If you will ever find any differences among the many Great Danes that exist in this world, it will be only with reference to is coat color. There are mainly six colors as per the accepted standard, though other colors could be accepted if all other factors that describe the Great Dane were found satisfactory.

    The colors that have been accepted as qualifiedly purebreds are as give below:

    1. Brindle – This is when the Great Dane is somewhat golden in color with deep black stripes. For this combination, you should have black on the eye rims, the eyebrows, the tip of the tail and on the top of the ears. The colors should be distinctive and sharp. It is not acceptable to have too much or too little bridling.

    2. Fawn color – the majority of the Great Danes are either this color or black. When the Great Dane is fawn, it will have the same black color markings as mentioned above, i.e. have black on the eye rims, the eyebrows, the tip of the tail and on the top of the ears. Dogs that have some white color on the chest and legs are not accepted as purebred. The nails would be black.

    3. Blue Great Dane – this is a royal looking Great Dane. The color will be grayish blue and the Great Dane’s colored thus will be totally majestic in looks. No white markings should be there anywhere on its body.

    4. Black Great Dane – this is one of the most common colors of the purebred Great Danes. They look very imposing, bordering on menacing when they are colored this way – which may be the reason why this is so common (read in demand).

    5. Harlequin – This is basically the black-n-white species. The base will be white and the black spots will be torn and spread all over. The accepted standards dictate that the black spots would be not large enough to overpower the white background. This coloring is considered rare.

    6. Mantle – This will be the reverse of Harlequin, i.e. it have a black base, with white spots.

    Other than the color difference, you will find that the Great Dane appearance will always be the same 32 inches tall and 200 pounds in weight, squarish muzzle and excellent temperament.

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    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

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