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  • Great Dane Obedience Training

    The Great Dane is a wonderful dog to have as pet. It is also a very strong dog. Though it is well known for its exemplary temperament, its huge size is a constant threat. Often obedience training is imparted because people love well-behaved dogs; however, here the Great Dane obedience training is a necessity rather than a whim. Without this, when the Great Dane grows to its full size, it will be impossible to control it.

    Some Outstanding Reasons Why Great Dane Obedience Training Is Important

    Once the Great Dane has grown to its full size and that is when it is between eight to twelve months it will become a threat to anyone that comes in its path. Mentally, the dog is still a puppy at this age and it will be so until it is three years old. Hence, it will play like a puppy, jump like a puppy, behave like a puppy in spite of its gigantic size, it is still a puppy.

    Now, imagine that this oversized puppy feels like jumping on the sofa, or play with you while you are cooking, or wants to lie down on your bed how do you control it? Had it been a smaller breed, you would have controlled it physically until it understood what you wanted. However, try to budge a Great Dane from the way, or pull it your way and you will know what I mean when I say that it should be trained to listen to you. It can be extremely frustrating to have this giant in the house doing whatever it pleases, while you grin and bear it.

    Check out the reasons listed below that endorses the need for Great Dane obedience training by people who have gone through the experience of having an untrained Dane:

    • You take the dog out for a walk in front of the house; instead it will have you dragged around the block
    • You come home after shopping for groceries and your Great Dane welcomes you with a vigorous jump, which will send you and your groceries flying helter-skelter
    • Your Great Dane finds great pleasure on jumping on you from time to time; and you get black and blue bruises all over the body
    • You find your dog naughty, and punish it by sending to another room; it breaks the door down and comes bouncing back to you in 10 minutes flat
    • You spend two-and-half hours cooking a family meal and turn to call them for dinner; your Great Dane wolves down in one sweep every morsel on the table top
    • It is 2 am and your Great Dane all of a sudden wants to go out; find yourself being literally dragged out of the bed and around at least two blocks until he find the right spot to relive himself

    I think that you get the right picture. To give this dog credit, the Great Dane obedience training is simple because it is smart and learns well. You will need to assess the temperament and the overall personality of the dog before you go for the Great Dane obedience training, since each Great Dane is unique in its own way. The Great Dane potty training has to be done side-by-side with the obedience training so the training can be completed within a few months or earlier.

    Got Dog Problems? The GOOD news for YOU is that it's easier than you may think to regain control of your Great Dane. Discover all the latest PROVEN methods and techniques YOU can use to train your Great Dane. Find out about Great Dane Obedience Training NOW!


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    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

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