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  • Health Concerns Facing The Great Dane

    There are two major types of health concerns that go into the Great Dane care attributes, (i) health problems that are inherited and (ii) health problems that are caused by lack of proper care, i.e. poor nutrition, poor exercise habits, no grooming, and so on.

    The first aspect should not bother you really, if you went to the right breeder, since he/she would have taken care that your dog does not suffer from any inherited disease before he/she handed it over to you.

    The second factor too should not be an issue of the breeder did a good job in interviewing you to find out whether you are the right person for his precious Great Dane puppy or not. Hence, generally speaking if your selection process was good and successful you will have a very healthy and carefree Great Dane puppy on your hands.

    The Basic Great Dane Health Care

    While indeed you are having a very sweet and healthy puppy on your hands, you should be aware that this dog is prone to a few diseases that are particular to its breed.

    1. Bloat or Gastric Torsion this is number one killer health problem of a Great Dane. The actual reason that causes it is not yet known. When this happens, the stomach gets boated and then it twists itself in such a manner that it cuts off the blood supply to all other organs killing the dog swiftly and painfully.

    The warning signs are excess salivation, inflation of the stomach, rapid breathing, restlessness, etc. Rush your dog to an animal hospital if you suspect bloat, since in most cases it will require surgical intervention to correct the problem. You can prevent this from happening by proving free feeding (have a full bowl of food throughout the day so the dog can east whenever it pleases) and plenty of water available. Use an elevated dog feeder, which will reduce the air intake while eating.

    2. Panostetis or pano this is a condition which happens because of the rapid growth of the Great Dane. Proper Great Dane care in terms of providing adequate health supplements, especially Vitamin C would help in this ailment. The early signs are limping and movements that indicate pain and discomfort. The vet will know how to alleviate this problems, if it becomes too much.

    3. Inherited Great Dane Health Problems as mentioned earlier, if your breeder is of good quality you will not have any problems in this quarter. However, it may, despite of his best efforts still suffer from genetic/ inherited health problems such as, his dysplasia (affects the bone), cardiomyopathy (affects the heart) and hypothyroidism (affects immune system) are amongst the most common.

    The Great Dane care will very much depend upon the advice you get from your vet. I hope you know how to choose a vet for your Great Dane health problems because this is an important factor in maintaining its health and its well-being.

    Look Here: You can SAVE hundreds of Dollars from YOUR Vet Bill, simply by using these PROVEN home care remedies for your Great Dane. Go get a copy of Veterinary Secrets NOW!


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    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

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