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  • The Great Dane

    Welcome to the world of the gentle giants! The Great Dane is one of the largest breeds of dogs existing today. The adult Great Dane can reach to 200 pounds and a height of 32 inches as males and 30 inches as females. It has a coarse short and smooth coat the most popular color of which is black, brown and blue among others.

    There are many types of Great Dane although the Great Dane does not originate from Denmark, as some people may like to believe. History has mentioned these dogs as early as 36 BC with the Greeks. These dogs reached Europe following its invasion by the Asians around 407 AD. After a while, we see them selectively bred in Germany with Irish Greyhounds from specialist Great Dane breeders, which resulted in these powerful, yet gentle giant dogs.

    Though Huge, The Great Danes Have Few Demands

    These dogs are known as the “Gentle Giants” – this says it all, however there is a lot to know about Great Dane Care. These are dogs that have a very dignified demeanor and are extremely gentle, calm and strong. Since it is so huge, they need a lot of exercise, a lot of space and a lot of food. There are many books and pieces of information on Great Dane training that every owner should look for as well. They make excellent companions, calm, loyal and extremely intelligent. The Great Danes are excellent watchdogs though they do not bark very much. They very seldom bite and become aggressive – you would rather find complaints that they are too friendly than aggressive.

    The grooming of this dog is minimal – you will need to sweep its coat with a soft brush to remove all the dead hair when it is shedding which is twice a year. It also needs regular baths, which involves a great deal of effort because it so large. Other than that, grooming involves the routine cleaning of the ears, clipping of the nails and a balanced nutrition that normally dogs need.

    Though these dogs are so large, they do not need a lot of exercise; they will usually be happy with a long walk. They enjoy a good romping session, love to chase things and they are quite clumsy when they are young. However, when they become adults, they become very sure-footed and rarely upset anything even in very small enclosures. Their tail sometimes is a tool for disaster because it is not easy to control and it is long and powerful enough to sweep things off the table or push small children off their feet.

    What about Great Dane puppies? Well they are one of the largest puppies known and Great Dane mothers have been known to have problems giving birth, therefore it’s only suggested that mothers who have a special physique be allowed to breed.

    Puppies need to be taught very early in their life not to jump on people, not to lean on them and not to pull at the leash among other things. They are not very difficult to train – though certain things like being effusive in their welcome home, sitting on the sofa or bed could be a bit difficult.

    If you are looking to buy a Great Dane but you don’t have enough money, what about visiting a Great Dane Rescue center, where many abused Great Danes are cared for. These places are always looking for foster families to take over the duties of looking after one of their Great Danes.

    Unfortunately, the Great Danes have a comparatively short life of only 8-10 years, though they have been known to reach 13 years in some cases. As we will navigate from article to article in this website, we will endeavor to show you all there is about the Great Dane dog


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    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

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