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  •    Home » Articles » DogKennels » Will Your Great Dane Need A Dog Kennel Fence?

    Will Your Great Dane Need A Dog Kennel Fence?


    Any article about the purchase of a dog kennel fence must mention that there are really two types of kennel fences. One type of dog kennel fence is designed for a permanent kennel – one that will not leave the location where it was first created. A second type of dog kennel fence has been designed for use on modular kennels, such as the kennels for dog shows.

    News Flash  Nov, 19 2008

    The Weekly Standard

    Man Bites Dog. The New York Times editorial page endorses the Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Posted by Matthew Continetti on November 18, 2008 11:51 AM | Permalink. Email the article Man Bites Dog to a... Read More


    News Flash  Nov, 19 2008

    Woman Is Charged Over Dog Attack (BBC News)

    A woman is charged after a one-year old baby boy was attacked by a dog in south London. Read More


    News Flash  Nov, 19 2008

    Major Veterinary Charity âDoes Not Acceptâ Validity Of Kennel Club ... - Dog Magazine Dot Net

    Major Veterinary Charity ‘Does Not Accept’ Validity of Kennel Club ...Dog Magazine dot net, UK - Nov 12, 2008Last week the PDSA, Britain’s largest veterinary charity,... Read More


    Not All Fences Are Alike

    The earliest form for the modular fence was one that used a chain link fence. It had easy-fit pipes, and allowed for the addition of a sunscreen/roof on the kennel. Since then, modifications on the dog kennel fence have led to the creation of new approaches to the building of a modular kennel fence. Details on those approaches can be obtained from the Internet.

    For example, the web site offers customers a new type of chain link fence. It is a fence made of one inch square tube frames, into which solid steel bars have been inserted. The frames are connected by a unique bracket system.

    The petprokennel frame could have the potential to revolutionize the making of a dog kennel fence. By the same token, it must now compete with a second approach to construction of the modular fence. That second approach is explained on the website for

    The dog kennel fence manufacturers at Option Plus have wisely provided customers with a choice of two different fence materials. The website for Option Plus shows two different lines of modular fence, a bronze fence and a silver fence. Both fence lines have sections that are connected by a special bracket system.

    The primary users of the modular fence, the dog owners who take their dogs to dog shows, are now the ones who will help to reveal the strengths and weaknesses in each of the newly-manufactured dog kennel fences. The dog owners will test the fences to see how easy they are to assemble and how sturdy they remain once they have been fully assembled.

    At this point it is anybody’s guess who will win the race for wider recognition as a modular fence maker. Maybe a dog could sniff out the identity of the most likely winner. Maybe a dog could detect a material in one of the two modular fences that made that fence extra strong, or that made that fence less suitable for use by dog owners and their best friends.


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