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    Raw Dog Food: Should Do It With Your Great Dane


    Dog owners often discuss the benefits of feeding their pet raw dog food as opposed to cooked or processed food. In the wild, raw food is what dogs had access to and this is what nature intended for them. Some argue that raw food can make dogs ill even poisoning them in extreme cases and although this can be true, the benefits of raw dog food against manufactured pet food that is later recalled is paramount. Pet food can easily contain contaminants that cause harm to animals and organic diets are often the safer option.

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    Raw dog food diets are more expensive but advocates claim that it saves a fortune on vet’s bills as it is basically a detox from their normal diets but if the food is not prepared hygienically, the result could be tarred with salmonella or e.coli. The good may outweigh the bad, however, as raw food has more nutritional value and uses ingredients that are of a suitable quality for humans. When food is cooked, a lot of essential nutrients beneficial to a dog are lost making raw food the perfect solution for dogs. Many of the pet foods on the market are processed and contain small amounts of meat and no real nutritional value. Raw dog food can be a wise solution.

    Health Benefits of Raw Dog Food

    Raw dog food is enriched with important enzymes necessary for a dog’s healthy diet. Animals raised on raw foods are often free of degenerative diseases and have an overall level of good health above those raised on processed pet foods. Many pet owners claim that visits to their vet stopped after switching to a raw dog food diet. In a similar way, wild animals are often healthier and free of illnesses that inflict humans. Feeding our pets cooked foods is going against what nature intended and harming them in the long-term.

    Commercial foods contain artificial ingredients that our animal’s bodies cannot handle leaving toxins to accumulate in their blood as their internal organs cannot cope with the control of such a huge number of harmful waste substances in the body. This can affect their immune systems and leaves them susceptible to illness. Animals need the amino acids, enzymes and nutrients present in raw meat and even their coats are negatively affected by a lack of raw animal fat in the diet. Raw dog foods are natural ingredients that do not cause any undue stress on the system and allow animals to live long and healthy lives.


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