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  •    Home » Articles » DogContainment » Invisible Fencing: Safety For Your Pet

    Invisible Fencing: Safety For Your Pet


    If you have a dog, it's important to consider how you will protect them from harm. In addition to a walking leash and a collar, you should really consider fencing solutions of your dog. One form of fence that should be considered is invisible fencing. This option will allow you to keep your dog restricted to a certain boundary of your choice, and keep it safe at the same time. Here we have some information about invisible fences which will help you understand what you'd be getting to and what the benefits are for you and your dog.

    How Invisible Fences Work

    Invisible fences are fences that operate off radio signals or waves. These signals can be detected by a collar that your dog will be wearing. This way, when the dog gets anywhere near the invisible fence, there is a tone that warns the dog that they are too close. If the dog continues despite the warning, it'll recieve a small static electricity shock. Of course, the shock isn't intense enough that it will actually harm your dog. The feeling is not very different from the one we get when we walk on rugs or carpets.

    Safety plus Beauty

    People invest in invisible fences because they want to protect their dogs but may not want fences built around their land. The reasons for this may vary. Sometimes they think that a real fence will make the house look bad, specially if they never thought about a fence. Other times, it is forbidden by the landlord or by local or community laws. Invisible fences help keep dogs inside the owners' properties, and specially away from streets with running cars that present a danger to dogs. In this way you can keep your dog in the open where it can run without the constrain of a leash, yet safe from cars and other street hazards. An invisible fence can really make all the difference when it comes to owning a pet and keeping it safe. That's why many people decide to get one.

    Reading about invisible fencing is a good way to it's a popular choice among dog owners. These devices keep your pet safe and away from danger. People who don't want to modify their houses also choose invisible fences.

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    Great Dane Picture

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