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    Your Great Dane Would Love A Designer Dog Collar!


    Nothing says love to a pet canine like a designer dog collar and there are enough designers to fulfill that need for every size and color desired by the petís owner. They can even be embellished with gemstones or personalized with the animalís name and some pet owners are not shy about showing their love for their pets by buying them a designer dog collar.

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    The real sports fan can find a designer dog collar for their favorite professional sports team and have their pet join in rooting for the team during games. It is not unusual for a pet owner to have a designer dog collar for all the sports teams in their market and allow the pet to wear a different one during that sportís season. One for baseball, one for football, basketball and hockey can help the pet feel closer to its owner by showing its pride for the same team.

    What female dog would not like a designer dog collar with crystal-like designs or jewel-encrusted bow-shaped clasp to hold it together? This type of collar would probably make just about any young lady canine feel more special and feminine.

    Match Petís Personality With Designer Dog Collar

    Many pet owners will tell you that every dog has its own personality and their designer dog collar should express that animalís temperament. You have seen the tiny, fragile looking canines, often being toted around by celebrities and their collar is typically small and equally fragile as the celebrity attempts to match the designer dog collar to the petís appearance.

    On the other side is the thick, wide black leather collars, often encrusted with silver spikes that can be found on larger dogs or breeds typically known to be more aggressive. Additionally, a few pet owners will want to show the bond between themselves and their pets and if they wear a leather jacket, they will have a leather jacket for the dog as well as a designer dog collar emphasizing their size and penchant for confrontation.

    There is no shortage of pet owners willing to lavish gifts on their dogs as many consider them like family and believe that nothing is too good for them. A designer dog collar can often cost more than traditional collars with some of the least expensive stating at about $20. It is not unusual to see them for over $100 and a designer dog collar decorated with real gems can cost well into the thousands of dollars to pamper your pet.


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