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  •    Home » Articles » DogCollars » Is The Citronella Dog Collar Ok For Your Great Dane?

    Is The Citronella Dog Collar Ok For Your Great Dane?


    Citronella dog collars are a training tool utilized by many to prevent annoying behavior in dogs such as chronic barking or running away. When used in conjunction with a buried fence, citronella dog collars utilize a citronella spray that emits from the collar when your dog barks excessively or get too close to the underground fence system.

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    These collars are viewed by many as a more humane way of training your pet to avoid the shock that is present with other systems.

    What Is a Citronella Dog Collar?

    Citronella Dog collars are a system which replaces the old method of electronic emitters which cause an electronic shock to touch the dog when it is being a nuisance or closing in on an underground electric fence. Citronella collars emit an electronic chirp to warn the dog prior to entering into a negative behavior and then utilize citronella spray to prevent the dog from doing negative behavior. This citronella spray is natural and while usually not offensive to humans it can be distractive to the animal and prevent them from doing various behaviors such as barking or keeping them within certain boundaries.

    With the citronella dog collar the pet and owner can come to an understanding of proper behavior and boundaries. Through humane treatment you can feel comfortable in knowing that your pet is learning a behavior through a means that is both relaxed and productive to both of you.

    What the Citronella Dog Collar Is Not

    The citronella dog collar is a training tool that can be utilized by anyone wanting to work with there dog in learning the proper boundaries indoors or out. The collar is not a babysitting device that once attached the dog will automatically learn the new behavior so if you choose to utilize this device it is important to work with your pet in order to teach it behavior that is consistent with what you want. Researching training techniques or following the manufacturers instructions are important when utilizing this collar in order to prevent harm to your pet.

    Understanding that proper training is essential to proper behavior is important for pet owners to understand, since the citronella dog collar is an excellent and humane manner in which to train your pet to learn boundaries in your yard or in your home or to ensure that the behavior that may cause turmoil with neighbors is quashed. You and your pet will be happy when the citronella dog collar is utilized in this effective manner and avoid the confusion that could arise from improper training techniques.


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