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  •    Home » Articles » DogBeds » How To Make A Wooden Dog Bed For Your Great Dane

    How To Make A Wooden Dog Bed For Your Great Dane


    For many of us, our pets are an important part of our lives and we pamper them sometimes better than we do ourselves. This is especially important when it comes to your dog and its bed. There are so many different types of dog beds on the market; you will have a vast selection to choose from. You could go with a designer dog bed if you have the money to spend, as it could go into the hundreds of dollars. Many have chosen to go with homemade dog beds. It can be as simple as a pillow with some extra fabric, or you may decide to make a wooden dog bed. This can be a simple project or a complex one, depending on how fancy you decide to get. If you have the time and patience, you can involve the whole family in some part of making a wooden dog bed.

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    Getting Your Supplies Together

    When you are making a wooden dog bed, you will need several supplies to complete the task at hand. Starting with of coarse wood, a hammer, nails a saw (if you have not purchased precut wood that is the exact size you need) sand paper and paint or primer depending on the style of wooden dog bed you decide to make. With all these items around, you need to be very cautious and concerned for the safety of any children that will be assisting you with this project. The best thing about making a homemade wooden dog bed is that you can design it to the style and size you see fit. You will need some sort of padding. A fluffy, comfortable pillow usually works best, but you can use whatever you see fit.

    Making A Wooden Dog Bed

    The first thing that should be done is to make the frame for the wooden dog bed. You can decide what shape and size as well as color scheme you think will work best for your pampered pup. Once you make the frame of the wooden dog bed and nailed it together, then the fun begins. You can add fabric, primer, paint, pillows or even dog padding to complete your pooch’s new bed. Have fun with it, be creative and your dog is sure to enjoy it. Then sit back and think about all the money you have saved by making a homemade wooden dog bed.


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    Great Dane Picture

    Great Dane Picture

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