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    What A Deluxe Bark Control Collar Offers You


    If you have a dog as a pet, then you probably consider him as part of your own family. Your four-legged buddy gives you warmth, loyalty, and likely quite a bit of laughter. However, sometimes he or she may get overly excited or communicative. When this happens, its barking might get out of control. If you're very tired from working all day, the barking can really get on your nerves. If you find yourself in a similar situation, the PDBC-300 is for you.

    Something to Consider

    If removing stimuli that usually make your dog bark doesnít help the situation, then you likely need to resort to a bark control collar in order to remedy the problem. It will likely only be a temporary burden, because there is a good chance your dog will eventually learn that it isnít always a good idea to go into a barking fit.

    Even when wearing it, the deluxe bark control collar isn't a burden. It's light and ergonomic, and it comes with a Quick-Fit design. The collar detects barking through the use of a small microphone and vibration detectors; it then activates the most apporpriate of 18 correction levels that it has, which is one of the highest number of levels in the market. Therefore, there are no external remote controls or controls of any other kind to set. Just put it on your dog and it's all set.

    The collar may we worn full-time, because of its resistance to water and the fact that the battery has a six-month lifespan. The collar has an indicator that will go on when it's time to get a new battery. Both the collar and the battery are PetSafe approved so there is no need for you to worry about harming or injuring your pet while you train it to bark less. In addition, the PDBC-300 has a limited lifetime guarantee.

    We Guarantee Our Products

    All bark control collars sold on our website are tested at home on our own dogs. That is really the best guarantee anyone can give you.

    The PDBC-300 is one of the best tools there are in the market for controlling barking. It's light and ergonomic, and adjusts perfectly to any dog's neck. The deluxe bark control collar is PetSafe approved, and therefore, there's no need to worry aboot hurting your pet.

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