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    Is It Ethical To Use No Bark Collars?


    Today, there are three different methods that are used in no bark collars. They all give good results, but you might be wondering if using them is ethical. As a dog owner, you should know about the no bark dog collar you want to use on your noisy pet.

    Citronella Spray Collars

    Some no bark dog collars work by emitting a spray of citrus smell if the dog barks for a while. Dogs don't like this smell, so they will stop barking in order to avoid it. These collars often come with a design that makes them give out a hissing sound before they release the citrus smell, so a dog that stops when it hears the sound can avoid the release of the smell. These no bark collars are considered ethical by experts, as there is no pain involved, just a mild annoyance for the dog.

    Sonic and Ultrasonic Dog Collars

    Ultrasonic or sonic dog collars will emit a high pitched tone if the dog barks. The sound is similar to the one of a dog's whistle. This sound can't be perceived by humans, but it can be perceived by dogs, who learn to stop barking so as to avoid the sound. Dog trainers and veterinarians see no problem with these collars, as they aren't harmful. Dogs only get a bit annoyed, and they learn how to avoid that eventually. Note: This is the least effective type of no bark collar, as dogs can get used to the sound over time, so don't overdo it.

    Electronic No Bark Dog Collars

    These collars give the dog a small electrical shock when it barks. It isnít truly dangerous, and can be compared to the shock you can get from static electricity. However, there are a lot of people that think that this type of no bark collar is unethical. This one isnít just an annoyance; it physically does something to the dog. That's why some animal lovers think that's bad. Does the electronic no bark collar work? Usually it works great Ė so consider it an option if you have a barking dog.

    There are three types of no bark collars that you can use to train your dog: citrus spray collars, sonic or ultrasonic collars, and electrical shock collars. Citronella spray and sonic or ultrasonic sounds are considered ethical, but electronic shock collars are sometimes considered unethical because of the shocking. None of these methods are considered dangerous for dogs.

    no bark collars are a great way to reduce excessive barking that isn't related to your dog's health. Although most people don't have a problem with them, some of them think shock collars are unethical. Nevertheless, all no bark dog collars are perfectly safe.

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    Great Dane Picture

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