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  •    Home » Articles » BarkCollars » Using A Citronella Dog Collar

    Using A Citronella Dog Collar


    A dog collar goes a very long way to help in taming and managing the behaviour of your dog. There are times when you just wish your dog would stop barking. Regardless of what is causing him to bark, excessive barking and loud noises affect the people around, that is why such behavior of the dog should be controlled. A great deal of the dog lovers who used a Citronella Dog Collar could benefit from its advantages and change unwanted behaviors of their dogs. Take a look, how a citronella dog collar works. You will discover that it is a very simple and convenient way to manage all kinds of canines.

    Using The Dog Collar

    A citronella dog collar will have a harmless spray that will condition the dog. According to the results of competent scientific tests, the spray is totally harmless to your dog. When the dog starts barking, electronic sensors on the collar release small doses of citronella spray. The dog will catch the annoying odour very soon as the collar is located very closely to the dog's nose. In addition to sniffing the spray, the dog will also see and hear something annoying released into the air. This way the animal will wonder, what is this new smell and what is its source? This way, the dog's undesired behavior will be stopped. The dog will simply get distracted from barking and concentrate on this new odour.

    When a citronella dog collar is on and the dog is barking aimlessly, the odour will be produced and with time, the barking will be associated with this experience and the dog will be conditioned with this regard. The dog will learn to remain calm when he or she is wearing a Citronella Dog Collar. This kind of conditioning and training for a dog is vital because you will avoid all the heartaches caused by disgruntled neighbours. In contrast to electric shock collars which work on dog's pain reflexes, citronella dog collar is harmless and a painless method in training your dog.

    A Citronella Dog Collar is ideal for the dog owners who want to effectively train their pets. Training or conditioning a dog to behave in a certain way can be hard. This article reveals how a Citronella Dog Collar works on dogs to make sure that they behave as desired.

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