Understanding the Electronic Pet Door

A electronic dog door can be powered by batteries or by plugging it to a regular home electrical outlet. This type of pet door is not only convenient for the pet and its owners it is also a smart choice for dogs. These doors are specially designed and will only open for the dog that is wearing a special collar piece. This will prevent other dogs or animals and even potential burglars from going into your house. Of course, the technology of these automatic doors makes them more expensive, but they are worth it.

One of the advantages of these doors is that, unlike regular pet doors, they can’t be pushed open and will always be closed, keeping water and snow from coming into the house. Traditional pet doors can be entered anytime but electronic doors close right after the pet has passed through it and stay closed until the pet returns.

How These Doors Work

There are various kinds of doors but they generally function in the same way. The dog has to wear a collar, which in turn emits an infrared or a magnetic frequency; this frequency can be picked up by the door’s sensors and it causes the door to open.

Whether the dog comes from inside or outside the house, the door will open for the pet and then it will lock itself again. There are some types which include a remote control that let the owner keep the door closed or opened regardless of where the collar is.

A electronic pet door has sensors that can even detect the size of the being that approaches it, telling human from animal, and thus it won’t open for burglars, even if they somehow get hold of the collar.


Price will not only depend on the material and size of the automatic dog door, but also on the number of features it has, with prices ranging from $40 to up to $700.

Other features include battery back up and different locking options.

The electronic dog door is powered by normal electrical current or by batteries. It locks after the dog comes in, keeping animals and rain outside. Depending on your specificelectronic pet door model, you may get different features.

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