Male Or Female Great Dane Puppy

People usually prefer the female species of a dog breed because she is easier to handle and more docile than its male counterpart. However, with the Great Dane there is no such distinguishing factor. Both the female and male Great Dane puppies are the same in their temperament. Yes, the female Great Dane puppy grows to be a few pounds less in weight and about two inches less in height – but that is about all difference there is between them.

Why Male Great Dane Puppy May Be Better?

Whoever wants this breed of dogs, usually want it for its gigantic size. They want to possess a giant dog and they like the impact and stir they create when they walk this dog. Hence, it is always better to get the larger of the two, and that is the male Great Dane puppy.

There is also the fact that if it is not spayed/ neutered the females will be slightly more aggressive than the males during the heat season. When they come in heat, the female will be quarrelsome and restless. Not to mention that it will have the house with blood stains all over the place. The male becomes territorial and may behave with aggression towards male dogs.

The male Great Dane puppy in most cases is preferred otherwise because it can be used as a stud which is not really too much headache to the owner. To breed the bitch would involve a lot of effort, and hence, unless the person is a breeder, this does not really count as a selection factor.

In all other aspects, the male and female Great Dane puppies are the same. The only difference would be their sizes. As per the breed characteristics, both the genders are docile and extremely lovable. All you have to do is have them trained at a very early age.

The Great Dane puppy, unless trained well and brought up under the right guidance, can be like a hurricane in the house. Not only that, you will not be able to walk it on leash because it would be able to literally sweep you off your feet; a Great Dane can pull you wherever it wants to go. This dog loves to chase things – be it a cat, a leaf flying ahead of it or even a car if it catches its fancy – and unless it is trained and you have it under your control, you will feel like something that is tied to its tail everytime you walk it.

Once you decide about the gender – and this will have to be based on your personal preference – it is time for you to choose from the many Great Dane puppy names.

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