Great Dane diet and nutrition

The Great Dane is a fast-growing dog breed, which will need a lot of attention on diet and nutrition. In fact the guidelines of general Great Dane care emphasizes on this aspect. Many people, and rightly so, choose to feed the dog readymade food that is available in the market. This is okay as long as it has the right nutritional components.

Good Great Dane care would say, it is not important here what type of food you choose, it could canned, it could be raw, or it could be kibble – what you should watch out for is whether it has all that your Great Dane needs.

Raw Diet Is Great For Your Great Dane

You will get the best advice from your vet – however, many reports and practical experiments have shown that raw food diet is excellent for the Great Dane. BARF or Bones and Raw Food or Biological Appropriate Raw Food, is modeled on the method the wolf feeds itself.

A normal diet should consist of live enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals, carbohydrates, essential amino acids and protein – in the proportions of the size of the dog. The Great Dane care guidelines show that this dog is a carnivorous animal that needs to have the majority of its meal containing meat. It is important to mention here that most of the commercial foods will have upto 50 percent of the contents consist of grains.

While the grains are great binders, they have no great nutritional value; on the contrary, they promote sugar build up and diabetes in dogs, which could trigger a host of other diseases.

The Benefits Of A Barf Diet Are Obvious In The Shortest Span Of Time

The proof of good Great Dane care would be its overall well-being. As soon as you adopt this method of feeding, you will notice pronounced physical changes, such as:

1. Shiny coat – the first signs that the diet is doing a great job will be seen on its coat. The coat of the Great Dane will now look great – shiny, rich in color and have a luxuriant feel.

2. No colds – the Great Dane care guides will show that this dog keeps getting colds. The BARF diet strengthens its immune system and voila! Your Great Dane is not sneezing any longer.

3. Arthritis – this is especially valid with the senior dogs. You will almost immediately see that dog has become more active as the pain and discomfort will be greatly diminished once it starts on the BARF diet.

4. Body mass – since the diet is exactly what Mother Nature intended it to be, the Great Dane’s body will respond to it beautifully and fill up to look its majestic best. This is one tip of Great Dane care that you should not ignore if you want a show-class dog.

You could run a trial on BARF and see whether this is the right diet to feed your Great Dane.

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