General Great Dane Care

General Great Dane Care is not too much work; however, it is still a great responsibility that should be considered at length. The basics that you will have to provide for any pet would be grooming, food, water, shelter and veterinary care.

The Great Dane Is An Amazing Pet

Owning a Great Dane will make you some sort of celebrity in your neighborhood because everytime you take your Great Dane for a walk, you will find somebody who is stunned by its hugeness. Come to think of it, you will be amazed by its size yourself, in spite of seeing it each and every day. The Great Dane has that impact on people. It literally makes jaws drop!

Space (shelter) - The general Great Dane care indicates that it has adequate space to feel at home. What do you know? This dog does not really a very large space to live in. It will be extremely content to curl up at your feet or on your favorite sofa, if you have not taught it manners, yet. There are wonderful in-house crating devices, which will keep your house safe – though it is meant the other way round. The Great Danes should not be left outside if you live in cold climates, since they are highly susceptible to colds.

Exercise - It is as important aspect of the Great Dane care to have it exercised. It does not need much, but it needs it daily. This dog has to be trained very early to walk of leash, as this is one of the best exercises you can give a Great Dane.

Food – the general Great Dane care dictates that this dog eat as a puppy 3-5 times a day and twice a day after it reaches its full size by 12 months of age. They eat a lot so you should be prepared to double your grocery bills.

Grooming – the Great Dane care says that grooming of this animal is a minimum effort, i.e. combing its coat with a brush once in 3-4 days to remove the dead (shed) hair and any dust that might be accumulated on this body. It will need that you clip its nails, clean its ears and give him bath regularly (once in two months would be okay). Grooming a Great Dane is no big deal, other than the fact that you have to tend to a giant dog. Giving it a bath can be a nightmare.

Attention – the Great Dane care needs that you love your pet a great deal and have constant interaction with it. These animals thrive on your love and can become pretty destructive if they are left in isolation for long.

Veterinary care – One of the basics of the general Great Dane care, this is something that a Great Dane might need a lot. This is because they tend to develop a number of diseases in their old age, i.e. at about 8 years of age. It is good if you learn about the major health concerns facing the Great Dane before you decide to get it home.

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