July 10, 2008

New Year's Day Dip - Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound

Great Danes and Irish Wolfhound take a dip in the sea on New Year's Day

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July 10, 2008

JennyAnton @ 4:59 am

Our vet used to …
Our vet used to call our Wolfie the most laid back dog in Britain. BUT he's two tomorrow and he's now becoming a bit of a beast!

JennyAnton @ 4:59 am

Sounds gorgeous!
Sounds gorgeous!

JennyAnton @ 4:59 am

I've just looked …
I've just looked them up. They look gorgeous.

MOSLIM123 @ 4:59 am

caucasians ovcharka …
caucasians ovcharka is the best

omg31693 @ 4:59 am

I don't have any …
I don't have any videos, only pictures.

deadappollo @ 4:59 am

My Wolfie is timid …
My Wolfie is timid with the water but she's a beast in the woods!!!

mokeyragger @ 4:59 am

Can we see him/her?
Can we see him/her?

omg31693 @ 4:59 am

my beautiful dog …
my beautiful dog has an irish wolfhound father and a great dane mother. What a great combination!!.

JennyAnton @ 4:59 am

Everyone's entitled …
Everyone's entitled to their opinion and people will always prefer some dogs to others. Personally, I love all giant dogs - that's why I've got five!

JennyAnton @ 4:59 am

Yes, wolfhounds …
Yes, wolfhounds love getting filthy, don't they? He was only 18 months old in this video but just keeps on growing!

haneythegod @ 4:59 am

personally i prefer …
personally i prefer the wolfhounds…i am not sure why but when i look into the hounds eyes i see …more…its hard to explain but thats just my two cents if people dont like it just ignore me.

mistygal72 @ 4:59 am

lol my IWH won't go …
lol my IWH won't go in water neither, unless it is a shallow muddy pond or extremely large puddle. Actually my dog is the image of yours
Lovely your Danes are having a ball.
Thanks for sharing.

yaroukh @ 4:59 am

annoying music
but …

annoying music
but the dogs are beautiful

celestina06 @ 4:59 am

Thank you Jenny, …
Thank you Jenny, fabulous video. Yes, your blue boy is exceptionally handsome and proud. Your Wolfhound is funny…'just dipping Mum..'

I can see what you mean by all the stones, but it doesn't seem to bother them - your dogs are having a fabulous time! x

smackbum01 @ 4:59 am

Great movie and …
Great movie and great dogs. I really enjoyed watching.

JennyAnton @ 4:59 am

You must know my …
You must know my wolfhound! That's exactly what he's thinking. LOL.

jcurts @ 4:59 am

Really good video!! …
Really good video!!! The wolfhound is thinkgine, "NO WAY, I'm not going in!!!!"

JennyAnton @ 4:59 am

Thanks - I'll tell …
Thanks - I'll tell him! The original owners had treated him so badly that, when we got him, he couldn't even walk properly.

tdetko @ 4:59 am

Absolutely …
Absolutely WONDERFUL!!! That blue boy is VERY handsome!

sussexgreatdane @ 4:59 am

Two of my favorite …
Two of my favorite dogs. Fab!!

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