How Much Do Great Danes Run For?

I'm thinking of getting a great Dane Male hopefully in the future. I was wondering around what price range does a PUPPY MALE cost?

On the East Coast in the USA they start at $1,2000.00 and go up from there.

Have you thought of a Dane rescue????

  • M B

    They run for cats.
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  • Lisa G

    Depends. Do you want a breeding quality pup? or just a good buddy?

    A good buddy will run you anything from $0-$600. A breeder? …$600+. Though there are exceptions. I got my black and white stud for $350,with his bowls. People were unable to keep him,he's -gorgeous-…but he has a tail that was broken as a pup. just the tip. and it healed crooked. His original price was $1500.
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  • Jill

    If you are going to get a full blooded, Great Dane you are looking easily at around $1000 dollars.
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  • steven m

    they run up large food bills.
    and grow up to be huge dogs that take YOU for a walk!!!

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  • W.

    Back yard breeders get around $600 in my area. Responsible breeders whose mating pairs have had the genetic testing will usually sell a pet quality pup starting $1000-$1500 dependent on the size of the litter and vetting costs.
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  • Meggz21

    In my area, byb dane puppies are going for about $800, while well-bred dogs are around $1500. It shouldn't matter if you go to a good breeder, but byb will charge less for males and more for certain colors.
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  • xlost_1n_lovex

    Are you sure you want a great dane?? Those dogs are HUGE! Lol. Try googling Great Dane puppies for sale…Then look around at the breeders and price ranges. But, from seeing all the posts above me, It looks like you will be spending alot of money for a great dane pup.
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  • Goldengal

    On the East Coast in the USA they start at $1,2000.00 and go up from there.

    Have you thought of a Dane rescue????
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  • doggzma

    If you can get one from a shelter, he can cost as little as $50. I met one woman who had a gorgeous AKC blue dane that, because the color is so rare, had paid $5000 for him. I kid you not. Plus, that was discounted because she had it neutered. EEK! Obviously, the vast majority do not sell for anywhere near that much, but you can plan to spend $1000-$2000 for an AKC registered pup. Many breeders will give discounts for people who do not care about registering their pup, or if the pup is not "show" quality but considered "pet" quality, and also for neutering or spaying at a young age (in other words, you are guarenteeing 100% that you have no intentions to breed). Beware of pups from pet stores. 99.9% of the time pups from pet stores are ill, often poorly bred, and too young to be parted from mama even though that is against the law in many states. Try to find one through a shelter or a rescue orginazation. They check the pup's health, bring him up to date on shots, micro-chip, spay/neuter, do temperament evaluations, shelters license them, and rescues will take the dog back at any age if you need them to do so. You would be a hero for saving a life. If you are unable to find a pup that steals your heart this way, the Google link below can tell you what to look for, both good and bad, in a breeder.
    Enjoy your puppy!
    WOW! I thought the lady was nuts to pay that much money for a dog, and now finding out that blue isn't even a rare color, I am dumbfounded! I am kind of glad I did not know that at the time as I would have had a hard time controlling my tongue, HA.

    Dane Lover, great posting!
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  • Mood

    i got my dog at a humane animal shelter only $100, he was four months old and already neutered (lucky me). He was a little underfed though……

    then again he's a mixed breed of terrier and lab. It's so cute, he's smaller than a lab, but it completely black, and instead of flopping around, his ears stand straight up. If you pull them down he looks like a normal lab, but when you let go they pop up. It's so funny.

    oh, and his paws are smaller too.
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  • born2play451

    Well it all depends on the breeder i guess… they are a large breed of dog they will generally be more expensive. We got a great Dane puppy, but he isn't much of a puppy now. He was $1500 dollars, but that is alittle pricey, just contact breeders, and see how much the puppies are and when they are expecting litters, go for a spring litter, and you have to know that this dog will grow! (and when you find a litter that you might be interested in take a claim on a male puppy) Good luck and I hope that you find a male great Dane!
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  • Dane Lover

    There should be no difference in price betwen males & females. Only irresponsible type breeders charge different prices based on sex. There will often be a difference in price between show quality and pet, but many times responsible breeders will charge the same price.
    Always make sure to buy from a responsible who does health testing (OFA/PennHip, CERF/PRA, thyroid) and will show proof, has a carefully researched pedigree, shows to champion or has dogs evaluated for breed standard, screens buyers carefully, is available to answer all questions before and after the sale, sells ALL pets on limited registration & spay/neuter agreements, has all dogs registered with a legit registry..AKC, UKC (United Kennel Club) CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) and not one of the scam registries.

    Price for a good quality puppy from a responsible breeder willrun from $600 to over $1000 depending on what area you are in and what color family you are looking at. Blacks, Fawns & Brindles tend to be slightly cheaper then Harlequins, Mantles & Blues since they have a bigger gene pool and their correct coloring is easier to accomplish.
    Also be aware that blues are NOT a rare color. They are quite common and are one of the 6 allowable Dane colors….Brindle, Fawn, Harleguin, Mantle, Blue & Black. Do NOT fall for the old scam that such & such a color is rare and that is why we are selling it at these astronomical prices. A harlequin, mantle or a blue should not sell for more then $1200 as a pet. Unless a dog is already a proven champion and of exceptional breeding a price of over $2 - $3000 is unreasonable even for a show quality pup.

    A note on color stay away from breeders who advertise "rare" colors,breed merles (merles will be produced in pretty much all harlequin litters but should not be bred and should always be sold on spay/neuter), breed fawns/brindles to blues/harlequins/mantles, breed harles to blue/fawn/brindle. Responsible breeding is always done within the correct color family.
    Also watch out for people who breed mismarks or produce mismarks delibrately…fawnaquins, merliquins,mismarked blacks , fawns/brindles with white on the toes or chest,mantle brindles/fawns, blue harlequins, etc..these are NOT rare colors and should NEVER be sold as such or for a higher price then those that have been correctly bred with in standard.They should ALWAYS be sapy/neutered.

    Also be wary of people who "sell" registration papers for more.This is against AKC rules and it is the sign of an irresponsible breeder.

    I recommend that you go to the GDCA (Great Dane Club of America) site and I also recommend that you get the book…The Great Dane Model of Nobility by Jill Swedlow . This is a wonderfully informative book and is correctly written (there are many Dane books out there that contain incorrect info) Jill is a very knowledgable Dane person.
    The Great Dane Lady does have some usefull info on her site but quite a lot of it is now outdated so it isn't all correct any longer.

    Also be aware that Danes bought from a responsible breeder have an average life span of 10 -12 years and usually have a healthy life. While the breed itself can be prone to hip dysplasia, thyroid, heart issues those bred by responsible breeders who research theri pedigrees and health test every dog BEFORE it is bred and only breed those dogs that pass the tests are at a lot lower risk for health issues then a pup bought from an irresponsible breeder who simply breeds with no regard to health, breed standard, etc.
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    show/own Great Danes for over 25 years

  • Gr8danelady

    Good answer, Dane Lover! There is nothing rare about blue Danes, they are one of the 6 recognized colours. Anybody who tries to sell you a "rare colour" is scamming you.

    If you get a "cheap" Dane, be prepared to pay far more than his cost in vet bills. On the other hand, there are some really nice Danes to be found in rescues for about $200-300.
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  • twrider_29

    i just bought my male great dane, akc registered from a great breeder who did her tests and everything on her dogs an has an extensive pedigree. he is what they call a mantle. colored like a boston terrier. he has limited registration, which means he has to be neutered. but i paid $400. he was up to date on his shots and had already had his dew claws removed. you can not feed them just any cheap food because they grow so fast. you have to feed the correct fat and protein and never feed puppy food unless it is like diamond giant breed which is specially formulated for them.. i feed mine nutro lamb and rice. check out she has all kinds of information on her site and will email you answers to any question about danes even if you dont own one of hers.
    i love my danes!!!
    dane lover has excellent information!!
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  • jasmien

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