How Much Do Great Danes Cost?

I'm wanting to get a Great Dane and was wondering how much they cost? I'm not looking for breeding quality, I've just always wanted a big dog because they make me feel protected.

im gonna guess 750- 1200

they are grteat dogs though worth it

  • Jahpson

    adopt a dog, and it may just very well be cheaper.
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  • sirswish399100

    im gonna guess 750- 1200

    they are grteat dogs though worth it
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  • che 19

    about 500 dolars and more
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  • Stephanie V

    The puppy itself can cost from 400-1500. Don't buy anything under 400. You'd just be supporting a backyard breeder, or chances are somethings wrong with the animal. Also, check you local Dane rescue.

    Then there's the expense of shots, and getting the animal fixed. For my large dog i spend maybe 60 dollars a month feeding him.
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  • eadmon

    expect to spent about 100 a month on food, heartguard and flea medication. You can get a beautiful Rescued Dane from me for $250 IF YOU QUALIFY. A Dane is not for everyone - I have plenty that were turned in to prove that. They are my personal favorite because they make me laugh out loud every single day. My oldest is 8 now and still going strong.
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  • jessi

    they range from 500-1000, it depends where you look. its always good to adopt rescue dogs and theyre usually about 700 dollars. if you want to check your local aspca adoption fees are usually cheaper there.
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  • tankstar1985

    The inital cost? or the life long cost? The inital cost of buying a dog is cheap. A great dane's life span is around 8 years, and they can get very "sick" in the older years which make them very very expensive. Everything you buy for them (collers, leads toys, bed ect) is double price becuase of the size of it. Food will be alot, but not as much as yu think. The puppies are atleast 800+ dollers. Always buy from a good breeder, espeacially when getting a large breed dog becuase of all the hip problems that can occur when dogs ar epoorly bred. I would look at the AKC or CKC website for good breeders.
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  • macmommagnum

    It really depends on the breeder and with THIS breed, I suggest you find one who REALLY knows this breed - - I WILL warn you though - - this breed is NOT naturally a good protector despite their size - actually, they tend to be big babies and are sweet in nature, not very aggressive at all unless they want to get into bed with you at night. They also are prone to very serious heart conditions causing early and sudden death - if feeling PROTECTED is what you seek, please look in to Doberman, German or Belgian Shepard, Bull Terrier (not to be confused with "pit" bull), and of course Rotties. There are also many medium AND small dogs that are VERY protective, such as the Lhasa Apso!
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  • bignuttdanes

    The best place to look for a good pet Dane is still with a show breeder. Although you are not looking for 'breeding' quality, you have a better chance of getting a healthy puppy from a breeder that has taken the time to research their pedigrees, health test their breeding stock and show the breeding animals to their Championships. Every litter will have some pets available.

    Cost is always depended on a few things. How many puppies were in the litter? Color, pedigree, reputation of the breeder, etc. Just do your research, not all show breeders are ethcial. A good breeder can spend thousands producing a good litter of Dane puppies. They recoup that some of the cost with the price of puppies.

    A good reputable breeder will be more expensive than one that is not. Although a BYB of danes will be cheaper, often you will have spent 3-4X's more on vet bills from a poorly bred puppy than you would have just paying a good breeder in just the first year.

    TRUE STORY: My wife and I were contacted by some folks a couple years of ago. They wanted a breeder referral. We gave them 2. They balked at the price and bought a puppy out of the paper for half the price….$600. In the first year alone, they had spent $6300 on vet bills and eventually had to put the poor thing to sleep just before it's first birthday. They were constantly calling asking for help……in the end, you cannot fight bad genetics. That is where a good puppy starts, pet and show Danes.

    Don't be afraid to seek a breeder with a good reputation. A higher priced puppy from a good breeder is generally a much better value. A good breeder will answer your questions. Ask them for OFA certs, Heart tests, or better yet a Chic Certifcation on a puppy's parents. Any breeder that will not offer these to you is not straight up. Any breeder that does not want to show you things, run as fast as you can to the nearest exit.

    To answer your question. A well bred pet puppy from ethical show breeder of any color are generally $1200-1500. Sometimes as high as $2000

    BYB breeders tend to be $1000 and less. But hold on to your wallet with vet bills. Good health in a Great Dane really starts off with the parents good health. It must be tested and certified. A lot more than the local vet saying they were OK to breed.

    Most Danes make poor gaurd dogs. They are indoor, 'hangin with their people' kind of dogs.

    Good Luck
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