November 17, 2008

Great danes take on tiger

2 great danes take on tiger

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[youtube YnrgZtcZSp4]

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November 17, 2008

George19881988 @ 1:06 am

I would love to see …
I would love to see a 650 pound Siberian Tiger against those great danes. Not because it would be a good fight, but I hate dogs and would love to see of one of the biggest breeds of dogs absolutely mauled by a Siberian Tiger.

Yes.. I would enjoy watching a dog getting mutilated by a tiger. If anyone has a couple of great danes and a tiger, make them fight and post the video!

I mean a pathetic average of 100-130 pounds of dog VS 650 pounds of tiger. Haha, stupid dogs. Can you tell I hate dogs?

whatisunknown @ 1:06 am

LOL, its funny how …
LOL, its funny how everyone gets all upidy about what animal can take another, and even the most random movie bits can spark arguemnents LOL, I love it.

DownOnMyLuck @ 1:06 am

Further, my …
Further, my retarded shithead friend, aside from the fact I have debunked your homocatfag argument, those two danes probably weigh something between 170 and 200 pounds, and would be a match for a 200-300lb. tiger.

Seriously, the extent of your homocatfagness is unreal. I agree with you on some things, but you don't care, because in your catfag gayness, cats must be supreme, and a 15 pound tabby must be able to fight off a timber wolf.
You are a stupid catfag, and I entreat you to kill yourself

DownOnMyLuck @ 1:06 am

My dumb and naive …
My dumb and naive catfag, we have already covered this. Also, you're retarded.

A) I am not a raving dog maniac. I deal in facts.
B) You are a catfag.

I have covered that this is a small tiger, and I have agreed that a 500lb bengal tiger would be more than a match for two great danes (although no reasonable tiger would risk it, and I suspect most dogs wouldn't either).

ahdkuruun @ 1:06 am

thank you cmazzac, …
thank you cmazzac, tell that stupid dog sucker that the tiger was a baby one otherwise the sensible dogs would evacuate.

DownOnMyLuck @ 1:06 am

Great Danes. . . …
Great Danes. . . not powerful? I don't know where you got that idea. They are a hunting breed. They accelerate enormously quickly, tackle like a freight train, and deliver a bite like a bear trap. Either your dog is fat and retarded because of owner emulation, or you haven't seen him when he's angry.

At any rate, two great danes would be more than a match for any subspecies but the bengal, and the bengal would be sensible enough to look elsewhere for a fight.

M44resto @ 1:06 am

I gotta agree, the …
I gotta agree, the Great danes would have no hope in and I own a great dane named Maverick. Big and heavy but not powerfully built for their size. Also the clumsiest dog I've ever owned and certainly wouldn't last long in a fight with much of anything in the way of other dogs, let alone a tiger. It would take alotta danes to come close to slowing down an enraged tiger lol.

maddiguanna @ 1:06 am

Isn't this off of a …
Isn't this off of a Disney movie? I can't recall which one exactly…maybe Swiss Fam. Robinson… Next thing You know I'm going to find Old Yeller under Dog Fights Pack of Wolves!

cmazzac @ 1:06 am

thats a small tiger …
thats a small tiger, put 2 dogs against a 350 lb. male tiger and I dont think it will be much of a fight

DownOnMyLuck @ 1:06 am

Thank you, …
Thank you, ahdkuruun, my imbecillic friend. your dumbass point was acknowledged and covered long ago. I am aware it is a movie. i am smarter than you are, so shutup catfag. I am responding to you and your fellow catfags who are seriously debating this.

what you say is probably true for bichons or terriers. it is assuredly not for great danes.

and, no, catfag, this is exactly what would happen. the sensible tiger would vacate, having nothing to gain.

DownOnMyLuck @ 1:06 am

I know you are a …
I know you are a catophile, because you are quoting stats at me. wolverines have killed moose that outweigh them by factors of 60. so what.

A few things:

That's not a bengal tiger. It doesn't weigh 500lbs.

even if it were (and it isn't):

a sporting great dane male is a 160-200lb behemoth. it is a HUGE ANIMAL PURPOSE BRED FOR THIS STUFF. LOOK AT ITS SIZE IN THE VID. that tiger is probably twice their individual weights AT THE ABSOLUTE MAX. five would murder the poor thing.

booooboooo2010 @ 1:06 am

Tiger 450-600+ …
Tiger 450-600+ pounds, teeth 3+ inches, jaw pressure 1000-1300 psi 4 inch claws. Not to mention the tiger is immensely powerful, it's swipe alone can break the neck of a dog.
Here's the jaw power watch?v=r77Lxi5xd4k&feature=related
and I suspect in a full fledged fight, 2 great danes would go down in a few seconds. Then the rest would drop off shortly after. Wolves are also sparse were tiger's roam and wolves will decimate great danes. Nothing mystical about it idiot, it's reality. Still mad?

booooboooo2010 @ 1:06 am

lol idiot, 5 dogs …
lol idiot, 5 dogs are "dominating" a larger or similiar sized one? A tiger is 450-600 pounds how is that similiarly sized. Ang if 5 dogs are dominating then their is a confronation, so why is a tiger avoiding at this point? Your stating the confrontation dumb.
Btw herbivores are not defenseless, and tiger's can pull down say a Gaur 6 times it's weight.

ahdkuruun @ 1:06 am

DownOnMyLuck, are …
DownOnMyLuck, are you stupid? this is just a film, and this isnt wat would of happened in real life. if you watch the last scene, when the tiger is being chased:
1- the tiger looked smaller than the dog!
2- the tiger wasnt running fast which shows that it was probably just playing with the dogs
real life the dogs jaws are too small to bite through the tigers muscular body, so 5 dogs wouldnt affect a male tiger but they would be mauled

DownOnMyLuck @ 1:06 am

Catfag, this is …
Catfag, this is exactly what I said to your dumb catfag idiot ass. A wild animal will avoid confrontation. This is how this would have played out in real life. Exactly what I said you dumb catfag.

Also, lol @ your hideous misunderstanding of predation. 5 moderately sized predatory organisms will dominate a larger but similarly sized one.

Also, you provided no facts and ignored mine catfag. I have caught you. Now go watch some faggoty anime and be gay etc.

booooboooo2010 @ 1:06 am

5 great danes would …
5 great danes would not survive. It takes a few seconds to respond, seems like your the one getting worked up. You mad?
Your lashing out shows your the emotional one.
Your an obvious troll attempting to get into an offtopic arguement.
The facts are there, and your over defensiveness shows you know it's true. Now go have a good cry on your mom's lap.

booooboooo2010 @ 1:06 am

Your about as sharp …
Your about as sharp as a marble LOL. Canis lupus familiaris? wtf does the origins of the domestic dog have anything with this? Any wild animal will normally avoid confrontation idiot. But if it becomes a matter of survival ie over a kill, animals will fight. Has nothing to do with the implication that a domestic dog will, even a few of them, will not survive a bout with a Tiger as is implied by some randoms in this thread. Now shut your mouth kid, your proving your IQ.

DownOnMyLuck @ 1:06 am

Even my comment …
Even my comment thought you were gay. And fled for dear life:
Let me clarify my proof of your catfagness:
- Are emotionally invested in this. I am not. You think I am because you are.
- Assume I think two great danes would win a death match. I do not. I simply am aware a sensible tiger would flee and find an easier dinner.
- Think a tiger that size could prevail against five great danes (LOL! CAT FAGGOT!)

Stop playing animal orgy dressup with your friends, you stupid shit.

DownOnMyLuck @ 1:06 am

Shithead, do not …
Shithead, do not assume you are smarter than me. You are, in fact, a retard, and you should've known this from the outset.

I know it was a film. You should've known I knew it was a film, because you figured it out, and I am much smarter than you are.

What I said about rational tigers is true. It's not a logical course of action to fight.

Also, Canis lupus familiaris (look it up faggot) is a subspecies of an enormously powerful North American pack hunter.

So stfu you furry faggot.

booooboooo2010 @ 1:06 am

This was vid was …
This was vid was posted to inply that two great danes can take on a tiger. It's from a movie moron, and moreover they would be overcome very quickly if it was real. Perhaps yours a dog loving with no sense? Domestic dogs are not apex predators LOL, and there is no chance for even 5 dogs. Sorry if the truth hurts

ozzyshon @ 1:06 am


maximus0032 @ 1:06 am

I bet those dogs …
I bet those dogs were dead after that scene in real life. The strength of such gracious animal such as the tiger is lethal.

DownOnMyLuck @ 1:06 am

Man, lots of cat …
Man, lots of cat loving faggots abound in the comments to this vid:

No rational tiger would EVER engage in a fight where it has the serious possibility of being injured or killed. It has less to gain from this encounter than it does from up a defenseless herbivore.

The advantage in numbers is real, my retard friends, now go dress up in your faggoty animal costumes and get on to your gay orgy.

DownOnMyLuck @ 1:06 am

I am tired of these …
I am tired of these furry faggots talking about how wonderful their mystical tiger is.

A tiger will hesitate about fighting two poodles. And why the not? It's not TEH KING OF TEH ANIMUL WOARDL like these homos pretend, it's merely an extremely powerful apex predator.

Forget not that a dog, when pressed, is ALSO an enormously strong apex predator, and in packs you're talking about serious capability.
Average tiger mass = 450lb. Average great dane mass = 155lb. In the same league.

rustymotorparts @ 1:06 am

this is a movie. …
this is a movie. the fighting is real. get a grip, do you really think animals are that good of actors?. It's an old film. Now-a-days they have captions at the end of movies that say "No animals were hurt in the filming of this movie." not this one I bet you. Besides, dog packs chase off giant bears, cougars, and wolves. Sure, in a death match the dogs are alpo.

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