What the Best Winter Coat for My Great Dane?

Most coats i'ved looked at don't fit a great dane properly. Are there any Great dane specific sites for clothes? if not, what brand would work the best for him?
We hike a lot in the Rocky mountains and he get's cold!

a BIIIIIIIIG one..lol

Seriously tho: My friend made one for my pitbull, very simple with velcro to secure. Im sure you can find a pattern online if you search.

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  1. ncisrocks498 says:

    I think a dog the Size of a Great Dane would look rediculous in a coat. I only put a coat on my dogs that are 30lbs and under. Sometimes if I had a dog and it was a bit bigger and couldn't handle the cold i would. but I think for dane it would be rediculous…..As long as he has a nice warm place to be he should be fine…..Danes should never be left outside in the cold
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  2. Josh H says:

    He is a dog he dont need a coat. if he is outside for long periods of time then you should of never bought a dog in the first place
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  3. Stacy S says:

    I used to put a sweatshirt on mine. However, I know they make horse blankets that are for dogs. Those seem to fit most dogs the best. Plus, they come in large dog sizes because they a spin off the horse blankets. However, I bought one for my Miniature Pinscher and nothing ever fits him right. He seems to be a middle size. He loves it and it fits him great. It is made by weatherbeeta. Here is a link to an example.

    Edit: here is a site that has larger coats on it.

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  4. Ceasars Mom says:

    a BIIIIIIIIG one..lol

    Seriously tho: My friend made one for my pitbull, very simple with velcro to secure. Im sure you can find a pattern online if you search.
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  5. Merry Christmas To All says:

    I have never seen any clothes that actually fit a large breed dog. Your best bet is to take the dog in to a pet store, Sometimes the velcro is adjustable.
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  6. rosey says:

    I live in Northern Wisconsin with three great danes and have never used coats on them. If your hiking they are working and should be able to keep warm just fine. If I were to use a coat I would just find an old sweeter and cut the arms shorter.
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  7. HS says:

    Dogs of all sizes get cold and it's important to protect them in freezing temperatures. I would hate the thought of my dog shivering and being uncomfortable while I am all nice and cozy bundled up in my thermal underwear and down coat.

    Consider this:

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  8. sheltiemom says:

    jbpet.com has dog coats in sizes up to 3X. You might check their web site.
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  9. lotsadogs says:

    I'm assuming he's a big male (like mine). My sister made my pup a coat from fleece, but if she hadn't, we were about to order a foal blanket from the local horse store.

    My guy has hardly any body fat, and so chills very quickly. Definately get your boy a nice warm "coat" if you'r up in the mountains.
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  10. Danemom says:

    You, obviously,do not live in cold climate. It has been under 5 degrees for more than two weeks where I live and ( NEWSFLASH!) Great Danes DO NOT have the fat layer or hair undercoat found on a Newfoundland, a Saint Bernard, a Labrador, a Huskie or other dogs that would be considered water dogs/working dogs. A Danes coat is as thin as a Greyhounds and they get cold FAST. They should ABSOLUTELY have a coat on in winter weather like the USA north is experiencing this winter (08/09). I don;t care how “ridiculous” they look. My girl will only be in my life for 10 years at the most as that is their life span. I don;t need to be challenging her with pnemonia because some neighbor thinks it looks stupid to put a coat on a dog over 100 pounds.

  11. Ray says:


    I custom make coats for Great Danes, as well as other accessories ie. diapers for heat/season. Big dogs look just as cute as tiny dogs in their clothes. Danes have very thin hair and need protection from the weather-even if they didn’t look cute!!!!!!

    I also sell on eBay at: http://ebay.com/DAISYS-BIG-DOG-BOUTIQUE

    and on etsy at: http://DAISYSBIGDOGBOUTIQUE.etsy.com

  12. James says:

    It is normal for Great Danes to have a coat… maybe you should learn about breeds before making comments about leaving them outside for long periods of time… Great Danes are not outside dogs but do require at least 1.5 hours of walking per day.. In most places that takes place outside and with winter conditions it is in the best interest of the dog to have a coat as Great Danes are not long haired dogs and do not adjust well to the cold.

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