Things You Need to Consider in Taking a Great Dane Home

Raising a Great Dane or any other breed of dog for that matter requires great responsibility and dedication. For some people, raising a dog evolves on feeding and grooming him only, opposite to the truth that dogs need adequate care and attention, too. Choosing a Dane for a pet takes a serious responsibility in order to make him become the pet that other pet owners would envy.

A Great Dane is a large breed of dog that needs extra caution in raising it. Owning one is a serious responsibility for it is like raising another baby at home. The basic needs of Danes include shelter, food, water, grooming, and veterinary care, just like any other breed of dog, though their needs are greater than the smaller-sized breeds.

Greater needs means higher expenses. This can be a number one drawback in raising a Great Dane. The costs of their medicines and health care is no-joke so it’s wise that you get a health insurance for your pet to afford medical costs when needed.

Aside from the expensive costs of a Great Dane’s needs, you also have to consider fencing and containment for your pet. Being one of the talllest breeds dogs, a four-foot fence will not work for them. With that height, their jumping abilities can easily surpass a four-foot fence.

However, if you need a crate, you will need one that is huge in size. It is best to have a huge crate ready because you will need to keep your dog in it if you are away. At the same time, if you need to transport your pet, a huge crate that can fit him comfortably is needed. On the other hand, it is not really necessary to have a large home for a Great Dane. These breeds can even live in apartments and can easily curl up on a couch.

A Great Dane needs great amount of human interaction. By doing so, your dog will become loyal and affectionate. People who go out most of the time do not fit to own this dog breed, for they are sensitive, malleable, and very dependent to human guidance and presence.

When it comes to training, they need not only verbal commands but the human body language and emotion as well. Whatever trait you show them is what they will follow. If an owner is lazy to train and guide his Dane, the dog will end up lazy and unsociable, too. Raising a Great Dane or any other breed of dog requires great responsibility and dedication.

Richard Cussons is a dog enthusiast. His site about Great Dane breed is filled with information about this breed as well as effective tips in Great Dane training.

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