The Largest Dog in the World Is a Great Dane

It’s official, the largest dog in the world ever, is a Great Dane called George.

Now standing 43″ at the shoulder and weighing 18 stone, George the Great Dane started life in November 2005 in Oregon and now lives in Arizona, by the time he reached 1 year of age he was already topping the scales at a whopping 14 stone!

A male Great Dane usually weighs somewhere between 9 to 11 stone when fully grown and stands between 32″ and 36″ at the shoulder, they are fully grown by the age of 2.

Great Danes make great family pets and George is no exception, he is a softy with children and afraid of other dogs, including Chihuahuas! His owners say that George spends most of his days eating, he gets through about 100 pounds of dry food per month,sleeping and playing with toys,his favorite one being a doll that plays a nursery rhyme when he presses his nose against it.

Great Danes are very sociable animals and the largest dog in the world is as sociable as they come, he even has his own Queen size bed in his owners bedroom! He made such a fuss whenever he was left alone at night that his owners relented and let him in their bedroom, where he promptly took over the bed until his owners got him one of his own.

All was well until their first baby arrived which put George into a giant sulk as he did not like being so rudely woken in the middle of the night. It took George 3 months to accept the new arrival, and he did so on Christmas morning when he finally acknowledged the youngest member of the pack by giving her a giant lick on the hand.

It was February 2010 that the adjudicators from the Guinness World Records measured George in a vets presence and not only declared him the tallest dog in the world but the tallest dog in the world, ever!

Now George has a giant fan club on Facebook with more than 70,000 fans and has traveled by plane to Chicago to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

When George was a young puppy he was chosen from a litter of 14 because he appeared to be the outsider, the runt of the litter, not joining in with the rough and tumble that the other puppies were enthusiastically throwing themselves into.

After they got him home his owners quite quickly noticed how big his feet were compared to the rest of him. Little did they know what was in store! So the largest dog in the world is quite oblivious to his star status and merrily goes about his daily routine like any other giant breed dog, that’s why we all love them so much, even if they are the largest dog in the world, isn’t it?

John Morrod is the proud owner of 2 Great Danes, you can find lots of interesting videos, articles and training tips here

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