Teaching Your Great Dane

It’s important that you don’t compare the Great Dane to other dogs. From a physical perspective, they are simply huge. They act no different from average sized dogs, at times. But the most enduring thing about them is some of their more pleasant attributes. Great Danes are very obedient dogs providing you train them correctly.

Great Danes are very courageous high spirited dogs. It’s important that these dogs are consistently in the company of people, for this reason it’s imperative that you teach them how to act accordingly. These dogs can operate both as domestic pets and guard dogs. They are fairly laid back and quiet, but they can become aggressive when needed, especially when they’re protecting you. For this reason, it’s important that you train your Great Dane well.

You should use the appropriate training methodologies on your dog when he/she is young. You should always remember the importance of training your puppy. Separation anxiety is something that greatly affects your puppy. For this reason it’s important that your dog always feels loved and cared for by you. Make sure the place you have your dog staying is safe and secure. Introduce your puppy to he/she’s own play area, toilet etc. It’s important that your dog is aware of the area of the house that belongs to the dog, in order to curb certain behaviours.

Your Great Dane must also be made to feel secure and accepted. Love is shown from your dog when you show the dog equal amounts of love through your actions. Whenever a dog is trained well, it’ll naturally shape a positive attitude towards you and others.

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