Great Danes - the Largest Dogs

Great Danes the largest dogs, are lovable creatures, which adore human companionship. These giant breeds are most happy when they are spending time with their owner and family. They are also known as one of the largest breeds in the world standing at up to 7ft when on their back legs and can weight around 170 lbs. These dogs are pretty laid back and don’t mind the company of young children if they are socialised appropriately from a young age. These gentle giants can grow up extremely fast as a puppy, while their maturity lags behind until they are about three years old.

Their most favourite activity is when they are spending time with you. Being a part of the family action is what excites them and they are more than happy to help you with whatever you may be doing, from washing and gardening to whatever the activity or job they want to be there.

If you’re thinking about purchasing there are some backyard requirements to consider. Make sure you have strong fencing as they do tend to stand up against them. They require plenty of shade and protection from the sun, wind and rain. Access to fresh water at all times, plus appropriate toys or things for them to do, as like all dogs they have a tendency to become bored, so be aware if your dog digs a hole, it’s going to be a large one.

These breeds suit someone who is laid back and can handle extremely large dogs and deal with their drool and slobber from time to time. Someone who has the time to spend with their dog is ideal, as they don’t like to be left without attention for long periods of time. Unfortunately someone who has an active lifestyle may not be suited to a Great Dane as their sheer size creates some limitations due to their large limbs and joints. Overexercising these dogs can cause serious health problems, so minimal exercise is recommended at a casual pace.

Excellent watchdogs, their size alone wards off any intruders. Their deep bark is enough to startle any strangers and make them think twice before entering.

Training is very important for Danes as with most dog breeds they require some form of basic obedience training, especially the larger breeds of dogs. Nothing is more confronting than one of these large dogs coming to greet you by jumping up when you return home. They can easily knock a young child accidentally as well as adults. So it is highly recommended that some form of training is undertaken to keep these large breeds under control.

Low maintenance when it comes to grooming. Their coats are short and easy to manage and may only need a brush once a week to stimulate blood flow to the surface of their skin to keep their coat in tip top condition. While monthly maintenance to nails and ears is ample.

So if you are considering a Dane as a pet for your family, it may pay to see a reputable breeder and spend some time with this breed before you purchase one. By this experience, you’ll then know if a Dane is right for you.

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