June 26, 2008

Great Danes at Feeding Time….32" Vertical Leap….Amazing!

These are our Great Danes at feeding time. Watch in particular my dog Diaz, who does a vertical leap of 32"!

Duration : 0:9:32

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June 26, 2008

emmeandcharley @ 7:49 am

I was LOL when you …
I was LOL when you were playing the rap music while the dog jumped in slow motion! Great training of those Danes!! Impressive!

Izzit13 @ 7:49 am

haha!!! They look …
haha!!! They look like big horses in your kitchen. Crazy:) Cute dogs.

foreveranuj @ 7:49 am

what a lovely …
what a lovely family!

Brest30Kings @ 7:49 am

Good work! Good …
Good work! Good Dogs! My Respect!

Nastuf @ 7:49 am

I hope your doctor …
I hope your doctor tells you he's taking out your tonsils…and crops your ears instead.

push9monkeys @ 7:49 am

To ArEsZuEs:
Umm …

To ArEsZuEs:
Umm don't tell him how to feed his dogs..IF he has a company with it then I think he may know a tad more about it than you do.

Tatooinedragracer @ 7:49 am

Awesome video. The …
Awesome video. The male Dane who's 36" at the shoulder and almost 180 pounds, he is just awesome. A beautiful dog. He looks like he lifts weights, with his bulging muscles. I've been feeding raw to ten years, and it's nice to see so many videos on YouTube of people feeding raw diets to their cats and dogs. How about some more videos of your small horses, I mean Great Danes, running and jumping in the yard or at a park? I want to see how fast they run.

wayne330acme @ 7:49 am

how do you train my …
how do you train my last dog was a rottweiler pittbull mix and she was easy to train but this male dane wont listen to me at all but seems to listen better to my wife

wayne330acme @ 7:49 am

thats cool but my …
thats cool but my great dane puppie already jumps over baby gates at nine weeks old

Jaminsubz @ 7:49 am

These dogs are …
These dogs are amazing! I have a boxer, but I am inlove with the great danes. Where did you get the great danes? I would love to get one like that. Amazing training skills. Are you sure the raw food is good for them though, does it have bones? Very nice though, and to the person who said your wife seemed a little cold is an a**. They need to find something better to do. Keep up the good work guys! =) Awesome… Jazz

ArEsZuEs @ 7:49 am

The kibble cleans …
The kibble cleans keeps the plaque off their teeth. I you feed the raw diet would recommend brushing their teeth at least twice a month. EVO is a very good dog food.

ArchDandy1134 @ 7:49 am

I wouldnt call it …
I wouldnt call it egotistical if raw dog food is certainly better for them than kibble. There are kibble raw food diets like Evo out there for those that cant feed full on raw food, but dont want to feed em cereal either…kibble dog food is almost exactly what they feed cows…

GoldTone07 @ 7:49 am

Awesome! Had …
Awesome! Had thought about getting a Great Dane and would love to know how you guys trained your dogs. They are so amazing! All the best and thanks!

HeartzJaredBAM @ 7:49 am

Its cruel to Pinn …
Its cruel to Pinn dogs ears.

effervescentlady @ 7:49 am

oh and ur hot
oh and ur hot

cmarcus123 @ 7:49 am

besides feeding …
besides feeding them right what are your other secrets in making live so long?

PanDePanchO @ 7:49 am

hmmm… they are in …
hmmm… they are in great shape and all.. by.. it seems to me that your wife is a little "cold" with them..? Maybe is just and impression.

TempeSunDevils14 @ 7:49 am

You're dogs are so …
You're dogs are so well trained! Very nice! It is good to see owners who take the time to work with their pets! I love the harlequin color danes! Nice video!

jctsloesr @ 7:49 am

My Dane jumps higher
My Dane jumps higher

JACK23352335 @ 7:49 am

NenehShagg, thats a …
NenehShagg, thats a nice way to put it, so all people are morons that dont spend a ton of money feeding raw meat to there dogs.

Alot of people love dogs as much as the next dog lover, but cant go out and buy raw meat.

There are plenty of healthy kibbles, natural choice is good.

To say you dont love your dog or you are stupid is a little harsh.

chaseaires @ 7:49 am

I'm very impressed! …
I'm very impressed! they have great restraint. i don't know how the heck you do it!

MrChubs1 @ 7:49 am

cool dogs, but very …
cool dogs, but very annoying egotistical guy.

MrChubs1 @ 7:49 am

How can anyone hate …
How can anyone hate a pet that only cares about loving you? No thanks, I prefer only animals that are so shifty you never know if they'd like to kill you. I don;t mind cats, I just hate cat FREAKS. No sense whatsoever.

bica1984 @ 7:49 am

you have some sick …
you have some sick dogs i bet they like horses

YouTatka @ 7:49 am

u like pets!!this …
u like pets!!this is so cool!!!!

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