Great Dane Training - Good and Bad Side

If you are thinking of the typical gentle giant, mild mannered and easygoing dogs, then you probably have to opt for the Great Dane.

They need simple exercise and they are the sociable breed in the need of companionship. They don’t need huge space and shouldn’t be restricted in the studio apartments or the stamp yards. They will not do well when they are alone without any company.

There may be difference in the guarding technique and territorial instincts among this breed of dog but they will not fail to announce the visitors with their deep and resounding bark. Even the same breed dog may vary in the character, some of them are friendly with everyone, some are protective and some are aloof or unfriendly.

The proper Great Dane training is crucial for boosting up their confidence and to promote their stable temperament. The young great Danes must be taken out for the walk frequently than any other kind of breed. You can find some of them are very peaceful with other pets while some may be pushy and dominant.

Indiscipline will result for the bossy nature in this dog as they have so large body. So the obedience training is necessary. They are also very much sensitive and must be taught with cheerful and fun way. They will get confused and make them distrustful if harshness is implemented on them.

These dogs used to drool, spill saliva and move heavily or clumsily around in the self important or arrogant manner. They will not be the perfect choice for care giving or fastidious housekeeper, or also for those who have no sense of humor.

You must concern on the following points:

1. Proper exercises should be given because of their huge body and to keep them lean and healthy.
2. Socialization for the better protection and to withstand the fear against the strangers.
3. Strong temperament should be controlled as they try to be more independent and obstinate.
4. Slobbering is the main problem with these breed of dog as they drool a lot especially after eating and drinking.
5. Serious health problems may occur as they aren’t a healthy dog breed.

So the proper knowledge about the Great Dane training is necessary, if you wish to have one of them as your pet in the home. They are the dogs with the strong temperament but can suffer from serious health problem as well as have short lifespan.

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