July 5, 2008

Great Dane Running in Sleep Wakes Up

Dreaming Dane deep in slumber is awakened

Duration : 0:3:32

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July 5, 2008

alexianjr @ 1:59 am

its sooooo cute i …
its sooooo cute i have except it is black

Masterdammertje @ 1:59 am

Those sleepy eyes …
Those sleepy eyes when she wakes up. Sooo cute!

Lavenderrose73 @ 1:59 am

Oh, cute dog. …
Oh, cute dog. Aren't Great Danes as gentle as they are big? Good for home security as well as companionship?

runecrewproductions @ 1:59 am

its got one pigs …
its got one pigs eye , a pig nose and the rest its just a great dane

mysterytwins @ 1:59 am

its pale!
its pale!

SurferRosa79 @ 1:59 am

My Bono does the …
My Bono does the same

Tromp88 @ 1:59 am

Its like, gahhhh. …
Its like, gahhhh. SO TIRED. Leave me be. awesome colors

pygoddess @ 1:59 am


Dolmayan2902 @ 1:59 am

, they r so …
, they r so alike ) my great dane did that too , and now when the old one died , we have a new one , and the puppy does that too )))

JamesPeterLive1 @ 1:59 am

My Great Danes do …
My Great Danes do that too!!!

ichklick15 @ 1:59 am

He's beautiful …
He's beautiful It makes me want to get one… I think I will!

PollenEye @ 1:59 am

So cute. Maybe she …
So cute. Maybe she was running after a steak.

pliouso @ 1:59 am

the dog looks like …
the dog looks like a pig/horse/cow…the picture at the end where the dog is in a spandex suit is hilarious though!

TankvsKimbo @ 1:59 am

there like a mini …
there like a mini horse 0.o but lovely dogs

Cdrule @ 1:59 am

i have a great dane …
i have a great dane 2

Clowned @ 1:59 am

all white wow..
all white wow..

u2ugly2nv @ 1:59 am

Stop tripping! It's …
Stop tripping! It's his dog!

WindsorFox @ 1:59 am

That is one …
That is one enormous pink nose.

463dog463 @ 1:59 am

this was great !!!! …
this was great !!!!! Luna is very cute!!!! I like the songs and jow she moves her feet great job!!!!

ladybaillio @ 1:59 am

where did you get …
where did you get the idea for this? too cool

morebooks2005 @ 1:59 am

You're so lucky… …
You're so lucky…such a lovely dog….and its nose reminds me of a pig…..

dragonpnut76 @ 1:59 am

my dane does the …
my dane does the same thing exept she sneaks onto my bed at night. When she starts running in her sleep, i get kicked off the bed!!!

Greave12 @ 1:59 am

Mine is a small …
Mine is a small dane even though her parents were huge. She's a harlequin, though I'm glad she is smaller because she will live longer. This dane is also very cute. What great dogs to have.

grossjd @ 1:59 am

I have a deaf girl …
I have a deaf girl that has more color than this dane, she runs in her sleep all of the time too.

BlakePlaya @ 1:59 am

Bloody Thing, …
Bloody Thing, YOU . Go your mom.

sorry for the cursing.

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