Extra Large Dog Houses for Great Danes

As the best known for being an extra large breed dog, the Great Dane as a domestic dog needs some room to roam. While they are best known for their great size, these dogs are also quite docile, friendly and gentle as well. Not only calm and good-natured around people, but other dogs and other types of pets as well. These characteristics make them very good family pets however their size can create some obstacles when they are trying to ‘fit in’ to a home.

The males can reach 34 inches to the shoulder and up to approximately 120 pounds. The females are not far behind at 32 inches and 100 pounds on average. The bigger they get the more valued they are. As is the case with a number of the extra large breed dogs, the Great Danes have a relatively slow rate of metabolism. Compared to other breeds they may even seem lazy and lethargic. Because of their more inactive lifestyle they actually consume less food per pound that a more energetic mid-size or small dog. They do require daily walks and some exercise to keep them healthy but it’s important not o over do their fitness routine.

To enable the dogs to understand the pecking order, you need to establish a line where they know their place. The human needs to ensure they do not jump up on people and giving them their own space would be ideal. Too often the giant size affectionate companions misunderstand their limitations with their size. A well build extra large dog house for them to relax outdoors would be a great investment. Allowing them to be in the fresh air, sunshine, around people however a relaxing space so they don’t feel compelled to run and chase and risk creating problems with hips and joints.

Breeders suggest a large yard and long walks but limit running or jogging especially as puppies while they are still growing. Instead of expecting this giant size pooch to squeeze into your home, allow them the space they need to get exercise and have an area to relax in without having to curl up around furniture, kid’s toys or household appliances. The extra large breed dog house would be a good asset to a home with a Great Dane. The orthopedic mats would help reduce pressure on their joints as well. We will do anything to keep our pets safe and healthy and keeping them comfortable is part of this process.

Do you own an extra large breed dog and need an extra large dog house?


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