Best Age to Neuter a Great Dane Pup?

Soon we’ll have to decide when to neuter our Great Dane puppy, and we’re getting mixed messages from experts. Our breeder requires neutering before Princeton is one year old because his coloring is merle, and therefore not “show quality

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  1. kicker0927 says:

    What is the best age to get a Great Dane neutered?
    I have heard that neutering too early effects the development of some characteristics such as a fuller masculine looking face.

  2. Kit_kat says:

    you can castrate at 4 mnths but you really should have it done by 6 months
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  3. Consumed says:

    About 6 months.
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  4. DP says:

    Nope not true.. Genes dictate how big a dog will be, what it will look like.. Testicles aren't responsible for telling the body how to look or how big to be. Neuter him now.
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  5. Mama E says:

    I heard for Male Great Danes, to neuter before he reaches 12 months, but of course not too soon. I would probably do it at about 9 months.
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  6. Lindsey says:

    All of that is myth-neutering does not effect temperament,stunt growth,or make your dog less manly.Well,except that it can't have puppies anyway.6 months is reccommended,and it's better to have them neutered around then-it hurts more when the dog gets older.
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  7. ?PomMom? says:

    I've always been told 6 months, but that has changed recently to as young as a couple of months old.

    Please don't wait too long, as he may contribute in unwanted puppies.
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  8. Patsy says:

    i would suggest getting it neutered when its about 10-12 weeks. well just less than a year. because when its a puppy they use anestetic to ease the pain. so when its older they are more aggressive about their sexual parts and the anestetic doesn't really work on them.
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  9. thekla o says:

    you can castrate any time after both testicles are down. some vets will do it even sooner. the male appearance is affected in cats,but not noticeably in dogs. it will affect their behaviour,usually for the better. they will usually not be so aggressive,will not be constantly looking for a lady,and will not go around marking territory all the time. in other words,if youre not a breeder,neutering makes for a pleasanter pet.
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  10. Dorothy D says:

    No sooner than six months. If it is done too early, the dog still gets?
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  11. sixpence says:

    Our puppies will be neutered before they turn 6 months. The VET said, its the best time to have a dog spayed.
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  12. Dane Lover says:

    For a Dane male it is best any time from 9 months to 12 months unless they are showing unwanted male behaviors then I would suggest getting it done at 6-7 months… despite what some people say I would not neuter a Dane without issues younger then 9 months (though I have done so at 6 months and it didn't have any effect on size or build) but I also would not wait to get it done over 12 months.
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    Dane owner for over 25 years, vet tech for 34 years

  13. mtpkt74 says:

    6 months of age is the best time but before 12 months. No sooner..

    Thanks for helping control pet population!
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  14. dogperson says:

    If you are a responsible owner and not letting your intact dog roam loose, you should not neuter him too young.
    Recent studies show lots of problems with early neutering. Those of us who do agility are aware of these problems. A dog neutered too young will grow tall and weedy. They are more likely to have joint problems especially torn cruciates. The growth plates take longer to close if neutered too young. Bone cancer is more common in dogs neutered early. Don't believe me, read the article below by Dr Chris Zink, a well known and respected vet and authority on dogs in sports.

    So, my answer is probably about 18 months.
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