About the Great Dane Dog

There is a lot to say about the Great Dane, or the Gentle Giant as it is popularly known. Initially this dog was bred to assist in hunting practices for wild boar, deer, wolves and the like. They seem to be first bred and used for hunting purposes by an ancient population called the Dane tribe, as it results from old documents. This dog finds mention in history chronicles of many ancient civilization, such as Greek, Egypt and Roman.

The Great Dane Is A Huge Sweet Dog

It is astonishing for everyone who first sees this huge and powerful dog to imagine how gentle can it really be. Most of the people who know this breed are so impressed by its sweet temperament, it’s gentle behavior with mankind in contrast with its giant size, that they call it the King of the dogs or the Apollo of all dogs. They are very loyal, affectionate and they are safe with children, other pets and even other dogs in the family. These are tolerant dogs and they rarely bark at anyone. But even so, they make excellent watchdogs.

Because of their large size, these dogs need a lot of space to exercise, but they can adjust to smaller places for short periods of time. The puppies of the Great Dane play a lot and can be quite destructive sometimes. The mature dogs control their behavior very well, excepting the cases of effusive affection, when they are welcoming their master coming home by jumping on him and licking his face.

They need to be trained very early so they can be controlled when they become adults, specially things like not to jump on you, not to pull at its leash, not to sit on the furniture (if you do not want it to) etc, because once it grows to its full size, it will be impossible to control him. The Great Dane is extremely intelligent and will train very easily. These dogs enjoy the company of the humans.

Due to their huge size, the dogs of this breed consume a lot of food and need plenty of physical exercise, and their masters should provide them with both. In order to insure the proper daily exercise, you can use some toys when plying games of the type “the owner throws the ball and the dog brings it back”. For those who cannot have this type of exercise, a long walk would do just fine, though it will not be so much fun for the dog. Just looking to its size and you can be sure the Great Dane has a huge appetite. One needs to keep in mind this aspect when acquiring a dog of this size.

The Great Dane need just standard grooming. They have short coats. To remove the dead hair they need regular combing. They need at least a bath every three months. They are basically clean dogs.

Unfortunately, they don’t live for long. Up from the 7th year they are old and don’t live more than 10 years.

The history and origin of the Great Dane, which makes for very interesting reading, puts this dog’s existence as early as 36 BC onwards, though the earliest mention as the variety we know it today was in Chinese scrolls around 11th century

The dogs of the Great Dane breed are popularly known as the Gentle Giants. It is astonishing for everyone to imagine how gentle it can really be. Due to their intelligence, the dogs of the Great Dane breed are very easy to train.

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