September 13, 2008

Great Dane Puppies on the Way… Oct 2008

Here is our expecting dam, White Feather, with 25 days left to go! Simon Says, "Pick a Puppy!"

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September 13, 2008

bazookaharley @ 3:12 pm

Does a Labrador goes well with a Great Dane..?
I have a 3 months old Lab who is very very energetic and playfull. I am planning to buy a great dane pup in october 2008.. I can buy the dane now also but seeing my Labs enthusiastic nature im scared that my Lab might hurt the lil Dane puppy while playing… So ill wait for thr Lab to reach an age of 6-7 months so that till that time my lab also will gain some maturity… (wild guess).. So is it okay to keep a Labrador and a Great ddan together..

Will a 7 months old LABRADOR be friendly with a 6 weeks old GREAT DANE puppy..??? please comment and help ..thanks..

maddiesmith100 @ 3:14 pm

yes it will be fine great danes are my FAVORITE dog breeds there are really kool. i have a full grown great danes along with 2 spaniels and they are really small but they get along great together:]
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Jessica H @ 3:16 pm

They will be fine. If your lab likes to play they will like eachother. If not at first they will later. A lab will act like a little puppy all playful till about 2 years old. Just depending on how you and the dog play and how much attention and exercize it gets. An owner always leaving the dog at home and in the house alot usually have quiet dogs. I think they would love eachother! Good luck!
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ccb @ 3:18 pm

Yes! Great Danes are super friendly I had a Great Dane and a Siberian Husky and they used to play together all the time, plus before you know it the Great Dane will be as big as the Lab…..they grow sooooo fast.
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Caninelegion @ 3:20 pm

It depends on the individual dogs and on how you train them to interact. There is NO WAY of judging this based solely on breeds.
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?Friends with Everyone? @ 3:22 pm

Great Danes are great dogs, but they are not for everybody
Here is information on the breed that will help you decide whether or not this breed is right for you.
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lotsadogs @ 3:24 pm

Soooo, you think that by 7 months your lab puppy will be calmed down??? Have you ever had either breed before?

My lab and dane get along fantastic. As long as both dogs are well socialized from a young age and neutered/ spayed, you shouldn't have any problems.

PS- 6 weeks is too young to get any pup. You should let it stay with it's mother until 8 weeks. This is an important time where the pup learns how to play with it's siblings (and others) and tons of other stuff from mom. Many pups who are taken away too early end up having problems later.
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