The Pros And Cons Of Great Dane Rescue

There is always two sides of a coin and you will find that the Great Dane rescue too, has two sides – one for it and one against it. However, as you read this article, keep in mind that some 3.5 million dogs are killed every year in US alone because they are not wanted any more by their owners.

A Story To Remember

Often people go for buying a puppy because they simply believe that their efforts do not matter in the face of such huge numbers of euthanized dogs. However, there was a story which my grandmother told me once which had motivated me since to do my best to help in whatever circumstances – hopefully it will motivate you too –

There was a girl walking on a beach where millions of starfish got stranded by a freak high tide wave from the sea. As she was walking, she kept picking up a fish and throwing it back into the sea. A boy seeing her, asked her why was she taking the trouble as she could hardly make a difference in the face of the tragedy. She smiled at the boy, bent again to lift a starfish and while throwing it into the sea, she replied – “I do make a difference - to this one!”

The greatest advantage of a Great Dane rescue is the facts that you are saving an animal, a wonderful animal from a fate that it does not deserve. Making this difference in the life of the Great Dane rescues is worth the trouble.

Another advantage, and one that is often ignored, is that it gives you a lot of satisfaction that this dog is alive because of you. Many people report that the Great Dane rescued dog they brought home seem to be happy to be alive and looks eager to welcome the new lease of life. They seem to know they have a second chance. Thanks to you!

Some of the main disadvantages with the Great Dane rescued are that you might be in for some surprises. The Great Dane is not an excitable dog or scared/timid dog – however, if by some fluke something triggers the anxiety stress of this dog, things can become a little difficult to manage. Give your dog a lot of love and things will improve drastically.

Lastly, you will not know what their likes and dislikes, as you would have if you knew it since it was a puppy. These small things will bother you sometimes, more because of the massive size of the dog, which sometimes may look intimidating. Overall rescuing this dog is a lovely experience.

There might be many types of Great Dane – each one is unique in its own way. Look for one which bring you joy and give it a second lease of life! I am sure you will find in them the most genuine companionship and love that an animal can offer a human being.

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