November 14, 2008

Welsh Pembroke Corgi Puppy Playing With A Great Dane

My Corgi Puppy, Loki, and my 5 year old Great Dane, Scooby, playing one morning. Loki jumps after Scooby's tail haha like a cat would after a cat toy. Loki bugs Scooby in the morning to get up and play and this is how Loki keeps him motivated to continue once he gets up.

Duration : 0:3:22

[youtube Ahz8arLKISc]

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November 14, 2008

tattooedtrailertrash @ 11:04 am

Loki does this to …
Loki does this to him all the time!! Especially when Scooby is getting attention and Loki isn't, Loki will attack Scooby's tail.
Funny I am a 1.11111 inches taller then you only. I am 5'3" and he doesn't scare me, well obviously haha. Great Danes are the sweetest most gentle dogs really!! The kids sit on him while he is laying down and he doesn't care haha.

MandieBaby328 @ 11:04 am

oh my that was so …
oh my that was so cute!!!!!! one thing is freat danes scare me bc im short! im like 5'1.99999 lol.

tattooedtrailertrash @ 11:04 am

Hey I think you are …
Hey I think you are right there!! LMAO That is a Great interpetation of Loki's mind Too funny!! Now I am gonna think of that everytime he does that to scooby haha.

tattooedtrailertrash @ 11:04 am

Great Danes are …
Great Danes are very gentle and patient. He is wonderful with out kids. Loki can be kindof overbearing haha…but Scooby likes it sometimes. Makes Scooby (great dane) actually get up and play so that is nice. They really are great buddies!!

kuhnigget @ 11:04 am

Loki is probably …
Loki is probably going, "Scooby! There's a snake or something stuck in your butt!" He's just trying to help!

ladyartista @ 11:04 am

LOve the Great Dane …
LOve the Great Dane, he's very handsome. The cogi is cute, but kind of annoying. Just shows how gentle and patient Great Danes can be

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