November 17, 2008

Rude Great Dane Puppy sits on Samoyed Puppy

My poor Samoyed puppy gets no peace….

Duration : 0:0:49

[youtube a1RktKQ0gmw]

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November 17, 2008

meghanom @ 10:04 am


aww …

aww this makes want a great dane even more.

AnnBethChinchillo @ 10:04 am

I am in the process …
I am in the process of putting together some new clips of these two clowns who just began obedience training. They are hilarious when they play together now, too! Believe it or not, the Samoyed's hair is VERY easy to pick up. It's the Great Dane's hairs that get stuck and poke into things. I go through a LOT of tape rolls between the both of them.

SiennaFay @ 10:04 am

I would really like …
I would really like to see a video of them playing together again.
With Chopper now.
I want a Great Dane.
I would like a Samoyed too but oh man the hair! too much i think. Blitzens adorable though. =]

AnnBethChinchillo @ 10:04 am

Chopper is now …
Chopper is now about 110 pounds or more at 8 months. He would probably squash Blitzen's head if he did that now!

SiennaFay @ 10:04 am

I cant get enough …
I cant get enough of this video.
I love it!

klownyy @ 10:04 am

chopper is so funny …
chopper is so funny LOL hahaha

samuelmichaud @ 10:04 am

hahaha sits right …
hahaha sits right on its head, awsome

AnnBethChinchillo @ 10:04 am

He will do ANYTHING …
He will do ANYTHING to get Blitzen's attention. Thank God Blitzen is so easy-going. He might not be that way if Chopper does it when he is full grown. LOL

BrandonBoston2 @ 10:04 am

That is TOO funny! …
That is TOO funny! Chopper has a great sense of humour!

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