August 15, 2008

How long will Great Dane puppy be in pain for after ear cropping?

Puppy will be 12 weeks old when cropped. Will puppy be bandaged right away or will they come home with just splints? And what pain medication did your vets prescribe for your puppy?

"ear cropping" is cruel, painful, inhumane, and UNNECESSARY! Many citys & towns outlaw it as should ALL states.

What is to gain by cutting their ears? Absolutely nothing. How would you like to have your ears cut and wrapped up with splints? How do you think that would feel?

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April 20, 2008

vet2be63 @ 2:20 pm

no meds where given to take home for my dane. had ears taped up. also had an elizabetian collar on so he couldn't scratch his ears. ears heal in a week or so.
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Clover @ 2:21 pm

Why would you want to do that to such a cute creature? No one tries to chop your ears off. Leave them alone. Its ouchies for the puppy.
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Bully Breeds Rule ! ? @ 2:21 pm

Ear cropping is extremely painful for the puppy.
There is no point in doing it besides looks.
Also 12 weeks is way too old to do it. People usually do it from 4-8 weeks.
Please just leave your dog natural.
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what the french, toast? @ 2:21 pm

"ear cropping" is cruel, painful, inhumane, and UNNECESSARY! Many citys & towns outlaw it as should ALL states.

What is to gain by cutting their ears? Absolutely nothing. How would you like to have your ears cut and wrapped up with splints? How do you think that would feel?
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tigerreb1340 @ 2:23 pm

I've never had it done to any of my dogs but I would support it. A vet wont do it if they thought it to be cruel.
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durdenslabs @ 2:28 pm

Why do you want to crop the pups ears anyways? Show dogs don't have to be cropped anymore so you must be doing it for your own perverted pleasure.

Pup will be cropped, stiched and splinted. Usually there are no pain meds - the pup just has to deal with it.
Plus there is a good chance the ears won't stay up anyhow. You could be putting your dog through unnecessary mutilation for nothing.
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James U @ 2:29 pm

My vet told me my dog didn't need medications. It never seemed to bother her but she was 8 weeks old. This site is very informative:

it's for dobermans but can apply to any other breeds.

when I sold my dobermans, people bought the cropped doberman first even though it was more expensive. People just are used to seeing a doberman with cropped ears. But i though both were just as beautiful.
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lilcslilhottie @ 2:29 pm

sorry to say this but he or she is to old you should have done it at 7-10 weeks honestly… i don't think any vet will do it cause of her or his age.

The average price for a Great Dane ear cropping is about $250-$350 dollars if performed by a Veterinarian. Cost will vary per your geographic location. We've learned of the procedure costing as little as $75-dollars when performed by a breeder! Be careful, don't make such a critical decision based on a few hundred bucks.

Ears are typically cropped between 7 and 10 weeks of age, if your Great Dane is older than 12 weeks, it's almost too late. Finding a Vet to perform the crop at this age will be very difficult!
General anesthesia is used to sedate the pup allowing the surgeon to remove over 1/2 of the dog's ear. The ears are either taped-up with medical dressing, or held in place with foam and glue after the surgery. In about 8 to 10-days, the stitches are removed. The Vet will now tape your dog's ears rigidly, in an upright position.

You will now be responsible to clean, tape, and re-tape your Dane's ears for about 6 months on average. If you can't commit to caring for your Dane's ears, we recommend to leave them natural. Improper care and taping could ruin a magnificent Dane leaving it with floppy, bent, twisted and disfigured ears.
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CALIGURL1414 @ 2:29 pm

UGH!!!! PEOPLE NEED TO SHUT UP!!!!!! Its not there dogs so they dont need to worry about it…. people did this to me to when i asked a simular queiston and it makes me want to scream………It people want to crop there dogs years they should be aloud to… vets dont want to hurt ur animal so y would the do it
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Kat E @ 2:31 pm

if you haven't already done it… DON'T!
it can be very painful even though some people say that with their pet it wasn't. It is getting harder and harder to find a vet who will do it for a reason. It is a bad idea. If anything goes wrong you are stuck with a disfigured pet perminantly. They are so cute with their ears and there is no medical reason to do it. It is a purely cosmetic surgery.
if you are going to do it no matter what any of us say then you pet will absolutely need pain medication. even if it seems like he will be ok, it is not a pain free procedure and you need to have access to medication if he is in extremely horid pain (heaven forbid). please please please do the right thing and cancel your appointment. it doesn't always turn out the way you wanted and the down side of that can look a lot worse than how you feel having ears looks now.
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Pam @ 2:36 pm

My vet always perscribes pain meds after a crop. Usually enough for 2-3 days. Generally a pup is up and running around shortly after they come out of the anesthesia, and move on with their life. They don't sit and whine they have an ouchie!!! But I do use the pain meds at night. (Mine are Dobes)

Whether the ears are bandaged or not depends on your vet. Some vets do, some don't.
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tigerfire2002 @ 2:40 pm

why do you want to put him through the pain of cropping them in the first place. Just for looks? How would you feel if someone chopped off part of your ear so you would look different??
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lotsadogs @ 4:23 pm

OMG, get a grip people.

How old is the pup now? Sooner is much better than later to do the crop. The cartiledge is already starting to form, and the longer you let it go, the harder it will be to change the shape of the ear (longer posting time will be needed).

My dane was done at 7 weeks, he came home with no pain meds at all. The only time he ever complained was when his uncropped sister jumped on his head during play. (I reccommend the medium legnth cut, the short can look like a pitt bull, and the long show cut is very difficult to post right).

We let his ears heal with just neosporin +, floppy with no bandages for 10 days. (If you try to post while they're healing, it's very painful at bandage/ tape changing time). Then we started posting. We used pieces of pipe foam insulation as the form, and wrapped it up with cloth sports tape. Sometimes his ears would get gunky after a few days up, and I'd put some corn starch on before re-posting. has a great section on how to post the ears if you've never done it before. It's harder than it looks.

By 15 weeks, his ears were done posting, and they look spectacular today. His brothers ears weren't quite as well taken care of by his owner, and so had to be posted much longer to make up the difference. But they eventually looked great as well.

Try to get it done sooner than 12 weeks if you can.
Good luck!
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