Doberman vs. Great Dane Puppy

My guy (Rossi) playing with a 6 month old Great Dane pup (Hayden). Just a quick 20 sec clip.

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17 Responses to “Doberman vs. Great Dane Puppy”

  1. MrLesbian says:

    He’s got the …
    He’s got the traditional “Show Crop”.

  2. deathbear10 says:

    Love the choice of …
    Love the choice of music.

    Do you know what kind of an ear crop that is? It’s one of the few that looks “normal”.

  3. MrLesbian says:

    Haha! Nice to see a …
    Haha! Nice to see a fellow rider on board.

  4. MrLesbian says:

    Yeah Rossi was only …
    Yeah Rossi was only 1 in this video. He’s bigger now.

  5. Villa4EverNo1 says:

    Also that Dobermann …
    Also that Dobermann is no way fully grown, 2 years old max.

  6. Villa4EverNo1 says:

    Kaght that’s a lie, …
    Kaght that’s a lie, my Dobermann is 31inch at the withers and that is extremely big for a Dobermann, so I’m sure you can have extremely big Great Danes, the tallest Dane is 42.2 inches

  7. rocky76540 says:

    le dobermann et le …
    le dobermann et le dogue allemand sont vraiment tres beau!!!

  8. bazman85 says:

    the great dane is …
    the great dane is like just you wait motherfucker

  9. SnipeZ850 says:


  10. kaght says:

    oh not big only …
    oh not big only about 32″ …… at the shoulders lol

  11. SnipeZ850 says:

    GOD DAMN!! that was …
    GOD DAMN!! that was just a great dane pup.. and its already big as the doberman.. god i wonder how big it will get when its full grown!! O_o

  12. Dominguero36 says:

    Rossi and Hayden… …
    Rossi and Hayden…

    Name your next dog Stoner :p

  13. chuknome says:

    thats a great …
    thats a great lookin dobe! Hes so muscular

  14. hoohaasingle says:

    sooooooooooooooo …
    sooooooooooooooo cute!

  15. Roxie568 says:

    oh was she to old?
    oh was she to old?


    i had a …
    i had a reddish-brown doberman.we had to put her to sleep though

  17. RGCookJr says:

    What a pair to have …
    What a pair to have! They look great together.

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