July 10, 2008

Chihuahua vs Great Dane

Our chihuahua and great dane puppy play like this all the time, it's so funny!!! I know it's a tad too long but I am working on a shorter copy…

Duration : 0:6:18

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July 10, 2008

Rexydog8 @ 5:59 pm

lol i like when the …
lol i like when the chiuawa has the great danes cheeks in its mouth lol i love great danes i have 1 a black 1 yr 4 month pain in the rump lol

amazingracie8808 @ 5:59 pm

its the same size …
its the same size as the gd head!!

txstoryteller @ 5:59 pm


Realrthenyou @ 5:59 pm

LOL aaawwee
LOL aaawwee

Josh8hood @ 5:59 pm

the great dane got …
the great dane got pwned by the chihuahua

SurferRosa79 @ 5:59 pm

chomp! gulp! yeah!
chomp! gulp! yeah!

xlilazngrl513x @ 5:59 pm

it sorta looked …
it sorta looked like the chihuahua pulled lil bit too hard bit its play :]

HippieChickLOVE @ 5:59 pm

I don't think the …
I don't think the video was too long, I enjoyed every minute of it!

foxrunner29 @ 5:59 pm

Cool video!!
Cool video!!

Zwinky808 @ 5:59 pm

that great dane …
that great dane could eat the chihuahua!! and in one bite!!

KimmyKimtek @ 5:59 pm

The Great Dane …
The Great Dane could behave much more cleverly…

brittol12 @ 5:59 pm

if that great dane …
if that great dane was mean it could tear that lil dog in half if it wanted to
but great danes arent mean

DSQ89 @ 5:59 pm

size doesn't matter …
size doesn't matter but a lot of love and playful

oooxXxfernxXxooo @ 5:59 pm

hahaha, i looove …
hahaha, i looove great danes! thats propa cute!

Overkill1337 @ 5:59 pm


Attica451 @ 5:59 pm

I'm surprised dogs …
I'm surprised dogs don't bite each others eyes out when they play like this.

Taliaa070 @ 5:59 pm

lmao, i have a dane …
lmao, i have a dane & a chi too
your chihuahua is pretty big! (:

zut212 @ 5:59 pm

your GD is a hero. …
your GD is a hero. i'm so amazed at his patience and self-deprecating persona. what a guy! your chihuaha-mix is a pathological bully. i hope that he gets disciplined. this was a cute video, and i *LOVE* your GD.

999pobanz @ 5:59 pm

the chihuahua just …
the chihuahua just stares at the dane when she barks

ricklickme @ 5:59 pm

ha - I'm reminded …
ha - I'm reminded of that old "The Far Side" where the other buffalo shouts "just trample him Vince!" in the buffalo vs cowboy knife fight.


Nice Big girl you …
Nice Big girl you have there you should check out my great Dane they sure look alike!!

TheConsensus @ 5:59 pm

w0w that chihuahua …
w0w that chihuahua is a bully!

judith24 @ 5:59 pm

terrible chihuahua …
terrible chihuahua LOL

judith24 @ 5:59 pm

soo cutee!!!
soo cutee!!!

celestina06 @ 5:59 pm

Hahaha! So funny… …
Hahaha! So funny… but so sweet… beautiful big girlie you have there… such a gentle girl. She tried hard though…tough one to beat - a Chi… lovely, thank you.