July 4, 2008

GREAT DANE PUPPY Molly Growing Up - Phil Collins

A beautiful photo montage of little Molly growing up. From 8 weeks to 8 months…so gorgeous, amazing how they grow so quickly…

Duration : 0:4:35

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July 4, 2008

fuzzytaterband @ 10:00 am

Awesome dog he …
Awesome dog he looks like mine! I made a video today check it out!

kars2010 @ 10:00 am

awesome dog! i have …
awesome dog! i have one that looks just like it check out my vids. love the dog!!

myvideos56 @ 10:00 am

Awesome video, …
Awesome video, great pictures, beautiful dane

punkycat96 @ 10:00 am

at 1:14 is so cute …
at 1:14 is so cute but they are all really cute i love great danes! =]

lucylucy411 @ 10:00 am

u take good pics
u take good pics

MisterPignose @ 10:00 am

You really capured …
You really capured some great moments! Nice production too.

leeski6 @ 10:00 am

i have a silver …
i have a silver merle great dane she is ten years old and would be so lost without her she is like another child

umaspice @ 10:00 am

I have a female …
I have a female merle myself and am totally in love with her. You have inspired me to get my act together and share in the beautiful way you have. Search for elle great dane for some videos. Thank you for the joy!

Jenbobino @ 10:00 am

i want one just …
i want one just like her she sooo pretty!

rrnopp @ 10:00 am

Thanks for the pics …
Thanks for the pics. How beautiful. Just lost my 8 year old merle Dixie, am broken hearted. Was was first dane so merles will always have a special place in my heart.
will always have danes in my life. Looks just like my Dixie. I wish you all the joy and happiness this wonderful breed brings.
Hi tykekenya!

tykekenya @ 10:00 am

great video… …
great video…awesome pics!!!!…..molly is gorgeous……your black is nice too!!!

Rob0300 @ 10:00 am

Priceless… …
Priceless… Beautiful photos… Thanks for posting them…

TeamMagdlen @ 10:00 am

Made me cry like a …
Made me cry like a baby. Beautiful. We lost our blue meryl recently and what you did here took me back. Enjoy!!!

Jen110103 @ 10:00 am

Beautiful pics! We …
Beautiful pics! We are awaiting one more month before we pick up our merle dane pup! I hope she looks as great as Molly does as she gets bigger!!

wilisjun @ 10:00 am

Once again just …
Once again just loved this video.Thankyou

Gr8danesRck @ 10:00 am

This was amazing. …
This was amazing. The song was perfect, and the pictures were wonderful. I can't wait to own a Dane.

cupragirl @ 10:00 am

That was such a …
That was such a lovely video, thank you for sharing it with us all. You are welcome for the early pup pics.

robdanerob @ 10:00 am

Absolutely …
Absolutely beautiful, an absolute pleasure to watch, thank you for posting.

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