Great Dane Puppies For Sale

Going for a Great Dane can change your life. This is not a small step – this animal is huge and it will occupy not only a large chunk of space in your home and car but also your heart and life. It is true that the life of the Great Dane is short comparing to other dogs (8-10 years), however in those year it will totally overwhelm you with its presence.

This Is Not A Dog That You Bring Home On A Whim

The Great Dane puppy will be physically equal to a member of the family (maybe two, as a matter of fact). You cannot ignore this huge animal once it is part of your home. Are you really ready for buying a Great Dane puppy? Do you have any idea of what you are getting into? Go through the following points and at the end of it if you still feel that you want to buy a Great Dane puppy, go for it.

1. Daily Care – This dog needs a lot of attention and a moderate amount of exercise. Its training, its playing, feeding, daily walks, taking to the vet for vaccines, grooming it will take a great deal of time. Are you ready for this? If not you, who is going to look after the routine tasks of the Great Dane puppy, which are plenty.

2. Financial implications – this dog eats a lot. Only to provide adequate food and the required tonics and health supplements, you will need a small fortune. Do you have the ability to feed it and keep it healthy?

3. Space requirements – while it is true that a Great Dane can adjust itself well in apartments and smaller enclosures (history says that his ancestors were Chamber dogs), they are still extremely happy in the open and large rooms. Do you or can you provide him a space of his own where he can retire and take rest – for example do you have adequate space for a Great Dane crate?

4. Health implications – the Great Dane has a great number of health problems, which can sometimes plague it incessantly. Thereby, you would have to drive it time and again to the veterinary doctor for treatment. The Great Dane can be difficult to feed medicines and provide him overall health care because of its huge size. If this happens, would you be able to take care of it?

5. Family acceptance – does your family accept it? This dog needs to be loved. They are very sensitive to tension and would be greatly harmed if it feels that any one in the family hates it. The total acceptance of the family is required for this – all the members should be happy to have and know how to behave around it and with it.

There are also a good number of things to consider before buying a Great Dane Puppy.

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