Great Dane Potty Training

There are many breeds who respond very well to potty training – the Great Dane is one among these breeds. This dog is smart as a whip and they learn fast. This may be also for the fact that they have a larger bladder, which takes more time to fill and hence, it is easier to ‘hold’ for a longer period of time. As most dog breeds, the Great Dane greatest desire is to please you; hence, the training should be smooth as a walk in the park.

The Basics Of Great Dane Potty Training

Since the Great Dane wants to please you, to do as you bid, you will need to make it understand what you want it to do. The easiest way to do that is to praise it sky high when you see him doing what you want him to do – in this case pooping. Use a very pleasing tone, as the Great Dane can catch the feeling behind your words much faster. As soon as he finds out what it pleases you, he will file it in his mind for further reference and repeat such behavior as often as it can to get your praises.

The Great Dane potty training is effective when the dog follows a fixed schedule over the period of training. For example, you have to feed it by 6.30 pm and then take it out by 7.00 pm in the same area every day. Do not allow him to get playful, give him clear indication that you are taking him out to poop that time and nothing else is permissible. When he does it, praise it to the skies.

Use the same command – ‘hurry up’, ‘go boy’ – or whatever you find simple enough and immediately respond with positive reinforcement when it ‘performs’. The Great Dane potty training can be very easy if you if you use its crate as a tool.

Experts in Great Dane potty training advise that you completely ignore accidents. Do not shout or use violence with your puppy as this may break him. Rather carry a little of the poop in the designated poop area and then continue the training. Continue to praise it profusely whenever he performs. Also, remember to use an odor remover on the accident spot, so the puppy will not find it an attractive alternative next time. This is one of the many effective ways to have your Great Dane potty trained.

Now, that you know what is the volume of the work and effort of bringing up and caring for Great Dane puppy, would not you consider even in passing, a Great Dane Rescue/adoption option?

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