Great Dane Mix

Among the most common of all Great Dane mixes, the Daniff that is half a Great Dane and half a Mastiff deserves to be studied in more detail. However, just as is the case with the purebred Great Dane, the Daniff too does not generally have a long lifespan and will only live for between eight and ten years. Of course, a Great Dane mix is a large animal (just like the regular Great Dane) and he can weigh upward of hundred pounds when he reaches complete adulthood.

A Funny And Smart Creature

The great part about the Daniff is that this Great Dane mix is very funny and also very smart while at the same time he will also show signs of being very protective and in addition he is also very curious. At the same time he is known to have a laidback attitude in life and his personality is quite easy going. Their temperament is generally very sweet as well as loving and of course they are also very protective creatures.

Daniffs are a Great Dane mix that make ideal family pet dogs and the reason for this is their protective nature as too their love for people as well as for other animals. They are in fact huge Lap dogs that are known for their loyalty and they are always expected to show unconditional love and affection toward their masters.

The Daniff is also a Great Dane mix that possesses large and floppy ears and they are generally bigger in their chest region as compared to normal Great Danes. The forequarters are quite lanky and also have an emphatic musculature. The hindquarters will be rather bigger than are found in most Great Danes and there is also more definition around the legs and hips.

The gait of the Daniff is wonderful and takes the form of a loping gait and the feet of this Great Dane mix are generally very large. The color of the Daniff varies from red fawn coat accompanied by a completely black colored muzzle and the coat tends to be soft as well as shiny. Fortunately, the Daniff does not shed much of their hair and as long as they are properly brushed every alternate day they will always look very beautiful and attractive.

The Daniff is also a Great Dane mix that is known to be a fast learner even in spite of their somewhat stubborn nature and unlike most Great Danes; the Daniff does tend to bark quite a bit though when he does bark it is mostly for a valid reason.

Since the Daniff is a large sized animal it stands to reason that he will require a lot of food and this in fact is the case. Fortunately, this Great Dane mix does not suffer from any kind of allergies and so in most cases you can feed him anything without needing to worry that they will develop allergies.

Just like normal Great Danes, the Daniff too requires plenty of exercise and so he must be taken for long daily walks. And, just like the case with the regular Great Dane, this Great Dane mix too can live comfortably in apartment homes – provided he is given plenty of exercise and is taken out for long walks and allowed to play in open spaces.

Also, just like the regular Great Dane, the Daniff too might develop bloats from which they can easily die; so, as a concerned and responsible owner you must watch out for this condition. As for the skin of the Great Dane mix, it can prove to be very delicate as well as thin and when the Great Dane mix scratches him it can easily lead to bleeding from what appear to be minor sort of wounds. On the other hand, the good news is that most Great Dane mixes do not suffer from any eye concerns and the same is the case with their teeth. This means that you don’t need to be too concerned about the state of the Great Dane mix’s eyes or teeth.

As with every dog breed the Great Dane mix too should have their teeth cleaned regularly an on a weekly basis and it is also recommended giving the treats that promote their dental health. Also, the Great Dane mix possesses strong bones and so will not have any problems on account of this issue.

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