Remote Dog Training Collar

Effective training for proper behavior can often be difficult without the dog on a leash. However, using a leash is not enough to train a dog and it can also be difficult in some circumstances or places. The Remote Dog Training Collar is a tool that all dog owners can use to train their dogs instead of the leash training.

Dog owners can use this special type of collar in all kinds of environments while the dog runs or plays as free, without being physically contained, with a fence or a long leash, and the owner can control the dog from distance operating via remote the functions of the collar. There are two pieces of equipment composing this training device, the electronic dog collar and the remote control or the transmitter.

The dog wears the training collar around its neck and the owner holds the remote control in his hand. The remote control has basically two functions: you can use it to set the type, level and intensity of the aversive stimuli, like warning beeps, ultrasounds or electric pulses, and to deliver the dog a specific stimulus to correct its actions or behavior if it is necessary. Any time your dog behaves or acts in a wrong way, he or she will feel the unpleasant sensation of a loud sound, ultrasonic vibration or a mild electric pulse as part of the negative reinforcement type of training, and will cease its improper activity or behavior.

This description of the remote dog training collar allows for conclusion as to its numerous benefits including but not limited to the following:

• The collar can be used by the owner to save the life of his dog and of other animals, even the life of some people. So many accidents involving cars where animals and individuals are injured or die happen because of a pet dog running toward the road while its owner shouts to no avail for it to come back. They can also chase other animals or fight with other dogs.

With the training collar, the pet owner can press the button to deliver the necessary level of electric shock to the dog’s collar. The goal of the aversive stimulus is to startle the dog, so it ends its improper activity and focuses on your command.

• Effective training can be undertaken even in wide open spaces without the need for a leash. After all, not every owner will want his dog to be constantly confined to a physical barrier like a leash when it can run free to interact with its surroundings, socialize with other dogs and familiarize himself with other people as well as get its fair share of exercise. Dogs are basically pack animals and they will try to establish a hierarchy any time they will meet other animals of their kind or they will get involved in fighting with them, so you need to socialize them from their youngest times.

This collar is very useful to control your dog in public spaces. You could say that the remote dog training collar is a sort of an invisible leash.

Remember that you also need to check the operational range of the Remote Dog Training Collar. Most collars will work for a minimum of 100 yards although other models will operate at a distance of 500 yards. Now, that is going the distance in effective dog training.

The Remote Dog Training Collar is better than leash training . The Remote Dog Training Collar is effective up to 500 yards. You can train your dog outdoors.



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