What Ingredients Are Found in Good Dog Food?

Good dog food will have a good source of protein for your dog, easy to digest grains and a natural preservative, to keep your food fresh over time. Keep in mind, cheaper doesn’t mean better, when it comes to feeding your dog. As a matter of fact, sometimes the money that is cut down on using better ingredients, is passed on to the consumer, but can have bad long term effects for your dog.

A good source of protein for your dog is real fish, chicken, turkey, lamb or beef. When you read the ingredients on the label, it should not be a chicken, turkey, lamb or beef by product. By-products in most cases can be any leftover part of these animals and are not good sources of protein.

The best grains to use are rice and oatmeal. These grains are easy for dogs to digest and more than likely your dog won’t have any allergic reactions to either the rice or the oatmeal. Wheat and corn are known to give dogs that are allergic, problems with itching, ear infections, and more.

As far as preservatives go, natural is best. If you find the food in the bag is being preserved with ethoxiquin, bha, bht, or propyl gallate, run for the hills. You want to find a dog food that keeps the food preserved with vitamin e.

You want to be sure to feed your dog the ingredients that are found in good dog food. Eating dog food that contains bad ingredients can make your dog unhealthy, shorten his life span, make his skin and coat look dull, and have your dog looking older than he really is.

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