The Invisible Dog Fence Is Allowed Anywhere

When we speak of a dog fence, we often think of a physical structure surrounding the area that we can actually see and touch. Due to technological advancement, nowadays electronic dog fences are available, and they don’t have any visible demarcation line built of physical materials. Instead, we can experience its beneficial effects on our lives as pet owners.

Though they are invisible, these electronic pet fences really show their effects. Firstly, the dog owner will spend no more time, effort and money to build and maintain a physical fence. You have only a few steps to do in order to set up the electronic dog fence for the area designated to safely contain your dog: install the central unit in the recommended place, lay the sensors to border the area and fix the special collar around the neck of your dog.

Turn on the system and voila! Within just a few minutes your electronic Dog Fence is fully functional.

You don’t need to do any changes in the appearance of the area you consider safe for your dog because you will no more need physical barriers around it. You can easily adapt the electronic dog fence to protect from the dog’s curiosity a special corner in your house or another place you want to be shown, like a flower garden with exotic blooms.

These invisible dog fences are perfectly fitting for your needs if you are living in a neighborhood where physical fences are not allowed by local low or regulations. Emergency services like police, paramedics or the fire department may need easy access to your place in case of any kind of problem.

Third, you have many choices in these electronic dog fences. You are then able to choose which one is the most suitable for your needs, preferences and budget.

There are dog fences using wires as proximity sensors that will detect when the dog approaches the limits of the safe perimeter and also as transmitters of the signal that will activate the collar to issue the warning sound followed by the electric shock.

There are also wireless systems that use sensors to detect the approach of the dog to the borders of the safe area and a central unit to transmit the triggering radio signal for the delivering of the set aversive stimuli.

The GPS based systems of dog fences have been recently developed and they are very well appreciated because dog owners can easier and faster install them, as they no more need wires to be buried or a central unit to be set within the containment area.

Fourth, you can lessen the dog’s risks of being run over by passing cars, of being involved in dog fights and of becoming victim to other possible accidents outside of the designated safe place. Your dog will soon learn to stay out of the area where the collar beeps and gets it shocks.

You will benefit in the form of greater peace of mind as well as lower costs in getting your dog to the veterinary clinic. As your dog will no more be able to bite people, you will get rid of hospital expenses or legal claims.

The invisible Dog Fence system also includes the special collar their dog has to wear, but the owners don’t need to be anxious about the electric shocks these collars deliver. These collars cannot deliver more than mild electric shocks because they are powered only by two small penlight batteries, and while the dog owner tries the collar on his own, he can make any adjustment he considers necessary.

In a few minutes, your Dog Fence will be ready to work. Your dog will be no more exposed to various risks. Don’t worry about the shocks given by the Dog Fence.



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