The GPS Based Dog Fence Is Easy to Install

All our previous experience makes us think of a dog fence as to a physical barrier installed around a specific area, barrier that we can actually see and touch. With the advances in technology, however, we think of dog fences in the sense of invisible fences with no visible lines of demarcation set in wood, stone and metal. What we can actually see and experience are the benefic effects on our lives as dog owners and also on the lives and behaviour of our beloved companions.

It is hard to count all these benefic effects of the electronic pet fences, but let’s start with the beginning. And let’s start with what we no more need, naming the physical barrier made from timber, concrete and steel that we were willing to erect around the yard for our dog, so we are able now to save the effort, time and many needed to build and to maintain it. Electronic dog fences can be easily set up since you only need to install the transmitter in a recommended location, set the area designated as the safe place and then put the collar around the dog’s neck.

All you need to do more is to turn the system on. You have a fully-functioning invisible Dog Fence. installed within minutes instead of the days it takes to make a traditional perimeter fence

Secondly, as the electronic dog fence does not inply any physical barriers to be built around the safe place for your dog, the aesthetics of that place won’t be affected. The dog is safe within the area, and anything around the safe area, as could be an exotic flowers garden, is out out the range of your dog.

Moreover, in some neighborhoods the physical fences are not allowed by low. Police officers will want easy access to your house in case trouble does happen but you still have the benefit of a fence to protect your dog, in a manner of speaking.

Third, you have many choices in these electronic dog fences. Look for that is most suitable according to your needs, preferences and budget.

Wired systems require wires to be buried in the ground with said wires emitting the radio signal that activates the receiver in the collar to release the beep and then the electric shock

At the wireless systems, sensors are placed around the perimeter and the radio signal is emitted by a central control unit.

The GPS based systems require no more central unit or wires to be installed.

Fourth, your dog is exposed to less risks of different accidents it may encounter while wandering around without beeing properly surveilled. This is because your dog will soon learn that the avoidance of a certain area will mean averting the onset of the unpleasant sensations that comes with the loud beep and the electric shock that will soon follow if he so much as continues with his course of action.

Your benefits will be a greater peace of mind and a lower amount of the vet clinic bill. And you will avoid paying the hospital expenses for people that your dog might have bitten.

The electric shocks of the Dog Fence are no way painful. You can adjust their level so they just startle your dog.

The invisible Dog Fence. installed within a few minutes is completely functional. The GPS based systems require no more central unit or wires. The electric shocks of the Dog Fence are no way painful.



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