The Dog Containment Systems Are Quite Sophisticated Equipments

There are lots of reasons why pet owners ask about the dog containment systems and the ways they can use them. Such a system is composed of electronic devices, the transmitter placed in the middle of the containment area, the proximity sensors and the collar around the dog’s neck, used to keep the dog or other pet within a specific area, through giving it different types of aversive stimuli, like warning beep sounds and electric mild shocks. Your pet will receive these aversive stimuli only in the case he or she will get too close to the proximity sensors placed around the safe area you designated for its use.

As in the case of the Pavlov’s reflex, the dog will associate the disagreeable sensations provided by the aversive stimuli with the need to cease its attempt to crossing the invisible border of the electronic fence.

Until now, millions of pet containment systems have been bought by pet owners of different breeds. These benefits include the following:.

• Your dog will have better protection against road accidents, animal run-ins and other possible mishaps borne of being outside a designated safe area. You will be able to avoid the costs, either financial or of other kind, of such accidents by simply using these electronic devices. You will have two chances for that. When the pet tries something you did not allowed it, the collar will firstly emit a warning beep for both the dog and you, and you have the time to stop its action.

Second, your dog will also be alerted by beep to stop in his tracks. The dog may chose to ignore the warning beep, but then a mild electric shock follows and he will stop. You dog will then not go into the road in the line of passing cars or not be engaged in fights with other animals. Teach your dog to stop and return inside the house since the warning beep, not to wait for the electric shock.

Don’t be afraid that your dog will receive too many shocks, usually one is enough for them to learn this safety lesson because they are very intelligent animals. Different dogs need different levels of the shock intensity, as they have particular sizes and natures.

In addition, you can adjust the intensity level as the training of your dog progresses, until he stops at the warning sound. Constantly decrease the intensity level of the shock, until your dog will respond to the warning beep alone.

You don’t need any more classic dog containment systems, like physical fences. These fences may charge your budget with maintenance costs and additional real property taxes.

And because these are portable systems, you can easily designate the safe area in a few minutes’ time. Install the transmitter inside the containment area, the sensors around it and the collar on your dog’s neck.

These dog containment systems allow pet owners to have peace of mind that their dogs have lesser risks to be exposed to accidents as well as lesser opportunities to run away, do damage on the neighbors’ property and get into other mischief outside of the house and certain areas of the yard

There are different types of dog containment systems. They firstly warn the dog. Your dog is safe when you use a type of dog containment systems.



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