Protecting Your Best Friend With Invisible Fences for Dogs

invisible fences for dogs are one of the most practial tools for taking care of dogs. Not only are they recommended by veterinarians, but also by trainers and dog owners as well. Responsible owners and dog lovers know that invisible fences are a way of keeping dogs from escaping or getting into trouble. These fences use the best technology available and that along with the right training will ensure peace of mind knowing that the safety of your pet is assured.

Dog Safety

Both “Perfect Start” and “Safe Dog” brands are examples of how electric fences can provide safe containment for your precious pets. The main advantage of invisible fences for dogs is that they allow the animal to run and play in an area previously set by the owner and which is known to be safe and danger free. For the owner, the advantage is the peace of mind that comes by knowing that your dog is perfectly safe and happy, not restrained by a leash, yet unable to run after cars or any other hazard.

Petsafe and Innotek are the two main manufacturers of invisible fences for dogs today. It is important to be able to trust the brand you select, because after all you will be trusting your dog’s containment to a system developed by these companies. These two companies have been applying state of the art technology to the training and caring of dogs.

The first thing you should do with this systems is planning where you want the invisible fence to be. Then, a wire has to be buried along the planned perimeter, effectively marking the “invisible” fence. At first, you’ll need to place training flags around this perimeter, in order to aid visually your dog to recognize the boundaries. Slowly, train the dog to use the collar, using the instructions that come with the system.

In a period of two weeks, your dog will not cross the invisible fence anymore.

If you want your dog to be safe without putting it on a leash all day, then considerinvisible fences for dogs. They are very easy to install and they will keep your pet safe. The best manufacturers of invisible fences for dogs are Petsafe and Innotek.

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