No Dog Can Escape the Electronic Dog Fence

Do you have an independent dog that bores when left alone at home? Almost all canine breeds, as opposed to felines, are quite active animals and like to run and play all day long with their companions, either human or canine. Many of these dogs will typically find ways to get out of fenced in areas and other containment areas. Due to different reasons, many people don’t have fences around their yards and they don’t even think to build one just because their dog is a runner. Luckily for dog owners, technology has advanced to a point where you now have more options than going through the laborious task of building a fenced in area for your dog. The electronic dog fence is a modern piece of equipment that may seem complicated but is in fact very easy to use.

A professional company can install the electronic dog fence around the area where you want to keep your dog safe, but if you have some technical abilities, you can mount it by yourself. Bordering the containment area are positioned several proximity sensors that will interact with the special collar around the dog’s neck. Whenever your dog gets close to one of these sensors, the collar will start to beep in order to warn your dog to turn back now. In the beginning, the dog may not stop when hearing the warning sound and the collar will deliver it a mild but unpleasant electric shock. Ninety-nine percent of dogs will learn after two or three shocks to pay attention to the beep and to back up whenever he or she hears the sound.

There are people who oppose to the use of such type of dog containment systems as they consider the electronic shocks to be inhumane treatment for animals. However, these equipments are based on advanced technology, specially developed to be fully dog friendly. The electronic collars dispose of the possibility to set different features regarding the shock and the warning beep, according to the needs of the dog. Most dog owners will test the collar themselves to ensure that their dog is not going to get hurt. Even on the highest setting, the collar shocks the dog about as hard as a human gets shocked from static build up. The device is designed to work by startling the dog. The shock is more surprising than anything else.

The alternatives, like all the mishaps the dog may encounter outside the yard, are far more dangerous. This electronic equipment is much more effective in keeping your dog within the limits of your yard then a classic fence.

None of the buyers of an electronic dog fence complaint their dogs are not happy with this equipment. They can let their dog outside in a seemingly open field without worrying about their pet running off and getting hurt or worse. Investing in an electronic dog fence will return you the relief of knowing your dog is safe. It is safe for the dog and the dog is safe with it. What stops you from buying one? Your dog will be happy to run free of the long leash.

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Of course the electronic dog fence is not simple equipment. The dog will be astonished by the shock, not hurt. None of the buyers of an electronic dog fence complaint about it.

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